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Transfer book from kobo to my sony ereader

Updated on April 4, 2016

Transferring books from Kobo to your Sony Ereader Using Google chrome.

Below are some step that you can use in transferring your books to your device.

1. Click on the link and download the file to your device.

2. Sign into with your Email and password for your Kobo account.

3. Select My Account after signing with your Email and password for your Kobo account.

4.Select Library after clicking on My Account.

5. Locate the books you want to purchase and click on the blue button that says Adobe Drm Ebup.

Note: The file will download to the bottom of the browser that you are using.

6. Open (This pc) on your computer.

7.Click on download

You will see the books that you just download as Urlink/Epub

Putting the files on the Ereader.

8. Copy these files from the download folder.

9. Insert your Sony Ereader.

10. Open the This PC/ My computer again

Note: You will see a storage space that says READER.

11.Click on it and paste the files(books) in this folder.

Note: Following these steps as it is will save you the hustle of calling in and been handed the round around and trying software that will not load the books to your Sony Ereader.

These steps will help in resolving the issue of transferring book from Kobo to your Sony Eraeder

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