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Transform Your LCD/LED TV's to Smart TV's with TV Set-Top Boxes

Updated on March 21, 2013
A Quick Comparison Between the Two
A Quick Comparison Between the Two

Smart TV's Against TV Set-top Boxes

Well, before we get to compare the two hugely different devices. Let's get to know first what these devices are. And find out how a small TV set-top box can be a proxy to a large Smart TV.


Well, what are Smart TV's actually? Are they TV's which are equipped artificial intelligence? Or perhaps, TV's that can think on their own? Well, either of those two, Smart TV's does not actually manifest any of the two. Smart TV's are television sets which is integrated with internet and web elements. It contains a speckle of computer technology. It is actually likened to how a smart phone differs from a regular phone. Smart phones are able to use a variety of applications, and are also able to access the web while regular phones cannot. On the other hand, similar to a smart phone, a smart TV also has a set of applications which its user can utilize. It also has an online feature which allows you to surf on the web, and most importantly, it allows you to stream media more on online, rather than through your local cable provider. Features like playing games, streaming online movie sites, accessing on your favorite applications, etc. is now available in your own TV's through Smart TV's.


Whilst Smart TV's are TV's with internet and web properties, TV set-top boxes can integrate non-Smart TV's with internet and web properties. TV set-top boxes are TV accessories which allow you gain instant access to the internet, play games, use applications, scan photos, stream music and videos, and much more. TV set-top boxes actually provide your regular TV's with features a Smart TV manifests. By simply plugging your set-top box to your TV, you, now, have a Smart TV. TV set-top boxes basically have what a regular Smart TV can offer, and of course, at a cheaper price.

Well, if you really want to transform your LCD/LED TV's to Smart TV's, then TV set-top boxes are indeed your solution. With TV set-top boxes, You can easily access features a Smart TV has at a really lower price compared to actually buying a Smart TV.

What are the best TV set-top boxes available?

Finding the best TV set-top box that suits you is not that easy especially if there are hundreds of TV set-top boxes out there to choose from. Well, when it comes to that, you will just have to choose the one that best meets your needs as a typical electronics consumer. We all have our individual perspectives so choosing which basically meets your needs and wants is the best way to choose the perfect one. Anyway, you don't have to worry about that because this hub is going give you a run-down of the best of the best TV set-top boxes in the market. Here is your checklist:

Channels Available
Hulu, Netflix, etc.
Game Playable
Live Streaming
Connection Type

Apple TV

Well, if you are an avid fan of Apple products like th Ipad, or the Iphone, then an Apple TV is definitely for you. The Apple TV has debuted since 2007, and it has been improving for years now. The latest Apple TV is the 3rd Generation Apple TV was released last March 19, 2013. The latest Apple TV is now integrated with the Hulu App which offers you more channel to stream. The latest Apple TV does not hold much improvement, or any kind of feature on its upgrade, but its recent upgrade made the Apple TV cheaper than its predecessors. The use of silicon cases made the latest Apple TV's cost production lesser, than its previous models. Other than that, no significant changes were added. But definitely, Apple TV will be right for those Apple fans.

Channels Available
Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, etc.
Game Playable
720p, 1080p
Live Streaming
Connection Type

Roku 3

Have you ever had problems with people who are constantly telling you to volume down your TV's when watching something? If yes, then Roku 3 is probably your best resort. Well, you see, Roku 3 is quite similar with Apple TV. It is like any other typical tv set-top boxes which can offer you online streaming, online surfing, and more. But you know what Roku 3 has and others don't have? Well, its their earphone feature. Roku 3 lets you stream your favorite channels without any disturbance by just using earphones which can be plug to Roku's remote control. Yes, only you can hear the audio of the channel you are streaming. It is indeed a significant feature that only Roku 3 has. Besides than that, Roku 3 also manifests faster processor, wide range of channels, and playable applications. In Roku 3, you can play games through a variety of apps to choose. Roku 3, indeed, has features which other tv set-top boxes don't have.

Remember just choose what really suits your needs. Don't let the choices confuse you. Let yourself hold the power to decide which one.

Once you've chosen a TV set-top box, just a simple connection to your TV, and just a following of instructions in your manual, you finally have a Smart TV in your very own home.


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