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Updated on August 2, 2016

There are many trending phones out there but the first thing to think is what floats your boat? It depends on how much space, what size, ect..ect. Today I will be introducing two awesome phones to you. The iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. I will show you some of their features and assets.

Apple iPhone 6s 64 GB US Warranty Unlocked Cellphone - Retail Packaging (Rose Gold)

Apple iPhone 6s a1688 16GB Rose Gold Unlocked (Certified Refurbished)

I phone 6 is an awesome and cool Iphone but today I will be talking about the awesome features of an iphone 6s.

Some valuable features include

  • 3D Touch : iPhone senses how much pressure you apply to the display. In addition to familiar Multi‑Touch gestures like Tap, Swipe, and Pinch, 3D Touch introduces Peek and Pop. Also allows you to unlock your phone with your own finger print.
  • New color: The iPhone 6s comes with the new color rose gold which is elegant yet casual.
  • 3D photos which allows animated live photos
  • Has a better great quality camera
  • Comes in 16 GB or 64 GB Whatever space suits you.
  • Updated format
  • Battery saving mode: Save battery and electricity which if you think about it saves money . Not much but some is better then none.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a water resistant phone. Can withstand spills, splashes, and even dunks without a case. Has a dual pixel camera (12 mp) that can capture awesome pictures during the day or in the dark. If you forget your credit/ debit cards Samsung Pay is available for you! Also includes wireless charging which is not only very cool but convenient. Also less battery drain from the apps you don't use. Includes 32 GB storage and storage expandable up to 200 GB.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Factory Unlocked Phone 32 GB - Internationally Sourced (Middle East/African/Asia) Version G935FD- Platinum Gold


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    • Allyx Aleks profile image

      Allyx Aleks 16 months ago

      Will update with more phones soon

      want to provide the best phones out there

      Allyx Aleks :)