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Wear and Listen To FlyBuds True Wireless Earbuds

Updated on September 23, 2019

Cut The Audio Cable

All these wireless earbuds are using “true” in their name like that’s all that is needed to differentiate one brand from the other. So just because Tribit calls their earbuds “True Wireless” doesn’t mean a lot just by itself. Now add the name “FlyBuds” and you’re starting to sound a bit different and maybe call attention to the fact that something good is going on. So why consider getting the Tribit FlyBuds over another brand? Because of what you’re going to now find out.

What These Earbuds Have

So first let’s get the obvious out of the way — there’s no cable connecting between the left and right earbud. They sync to each other automatically to give you stereo. And yes as should also be obvious, the earbuds are pairing up with a smartphone (or tablet) through Bluetooth. And it’s Bluetooth 5.0 so that means a more stable and strong signal less likely to drop off because of any interference (and te range is pretty normal sand even a bit meaningless if you’ve the phone in your pocket or on a table in front of you or you’re just walking around a bit where it’s been placed). Also pretty pedestrian on the face of it is the case the earbuds come in — they hold each in place magnetically and charge the ‘buds when they’re inside, turning on when you taken them out. Nothing that exciting or unique on the face of it but expected and provided.

Now let’s get to the differences: beginning with wearing the earbuds. If it’s just you then it’s stereo like noted above. But what if you want someone else to listen in privately at the same time? Then just go for the mono mode which sends its audio stream not just to you but to another person wearing FlyBuds at the same exact time. That’s pretty cool and where can it be used — how about both watching a gym video and needing to keep the noise out? For sure other uses will occur, but the real point is that it’s there if you need it and want to use it. And speaking of exercise, the FlyBuds are also IPX5 which means they can handle sweat getting on them, not to mention being hit by rain or snow should one get caught by the elements with their “pants down.” Also we mentioned Bluetooth 5.0 already, but accompanying that also should be mentioned an advanced antenna system to ensure that the signal (audio stream) gets to where it is going without interruptions.

Control, Power and Tech

Now controlling all this could come from the phone, but there’s no fun in that. So instead of a fat old button, the ‘bud has a touch interface to bring up what’s needed: be that asking for Siri or Google or for playing up/down with the volume or for answering calls (so there would have to be an embedded mic so there is).

Of course this all requires power and those rechargeable batteries in the earbuds don’t fail, not with up to 6 hours of sounding off before needing a recharging. And the charging case doesn’t stop at providing just 3 auto charges when the earbuds go back in. Instead they hold 5 full charges waiting to go from the case to the earbuds (as in 36 hours total).

Now with all the tech involved, why not admit that it’s how the FlyBud sounds that makes it worth having? The dual 6mm drivers (speakers) do a great job, even if you kick up the volume a lot more than is good for you. Add in some passive noise reduction done through the way the ‘buds are constructed (and a good seal of the earbuds to the ear to minimize ambient noises) and the overall result is really good sound that does a really good job of delivering a full range of sound.

The Tribit FlyBuds True Wireless Earbuds weigh less than an ounce each and give 3 ear tip options for customizing a solid ear fit. It retails for under $70 and is available in black or jet black.


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