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Troubleshooting Anker SoundCore Problems

Updated on January 1, 2017
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The Anker SoundCore lineup of Bluetooth speakers are highly portable, have impressive battery life, and support a strong range for connecting to other Bluetooth devices. Common problems with Anker SoundCore speakers include pairing problems, audio issues, power problems, and more. This guide walks you through how to try working through those problems on your own before contacting someone else for help.

The Anker SoundCore speaker supports Bluetooth 4.0 and can last for up to five hours on a full charge.
The Anker SoundCore speaker supports Bluetooth 4.0 and can last for up to five hours on a full charge. | Source

Can't Pair With SoundCore

  • The easiest thing to do is make sure that Bluetooth functionality is enabled on the device you want to connect to the Anker SoundCore speaker. Refer to your device's manual if you're not sure how to locate the Bluetooth settings. Most devices will have Bluetooth turned off by default.
  • Try moving the two devices within a closer proximity to each other. They should be as close as possible, but no greater than three feet from each other for pairing purposes. Also, make sure there are no devices between them that could prevent them from communicating.
  • Try clearing previous Bluetooth pairings from the Anker SoundCore's memory to see if this resolves the issue. You can do this by pressing both the "Volume Down" and "Volume Up" buttons for roughly three seconds. Try pairing the Bluetooth speaker with your device again to see if this resolves the issue.

2.5 out of 5 stars from 11 ratings of Anker SoundCore

Phone Call Support

A fair amount of Bluetooth speakers offer some degree of support for sending and receiving phone calls. However, the Anker SoundCore does not offer a built-in microphone, so while you can make phone calls through your phone and hear audio through the speaker, you'll need to speak into your smart phone for the person on the other end to hear your response.

The Anker SoundCore SportXL features Bluetooth 4.1 and has 8-watt stereo speakers.
The Anker SoundCore SportXL features Bluetooth 4.1 and has 8-watt stereo speakers. | Source

Power Button Doesn't Work

The likely cause the Power button not working is that you have a device connected through the 3.5mm audio input. This is not an issue but rather a design choice. You will need to disconnect the device before you can turn the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker off.

Anker SoundCore Speaker Review

Poor Audio

  • The problem may not be with the SoundCore speaker, but rather with the device connected to it. Un-pair the two devices and try listening to the same audio file or audio source again to see if there are still issues.
  • As long as there is a clear line of sight between the two devices, the SoundCore speaker and the connected device will be able to communicate up to roughly 30 feet. However, beyond that, connection issues can result in the audio that gets played through the speaker sounding choppy. Try moving the devices closer together to see if that fixes the problem.
  • If the audio is turned up all the way on the Anker SoundCore speker and still sounds low, check the connected device and verify that the audio is turned up on it as well. You have to remember that having the volume down in either place will affect the final audio output level.
  • Another cause of poor audio or connectivity issues can be a low charge on either the SoundCore speaker or the connected device. If either of the devices are indicating that the charge level is low, charge those devices back up before resuming using them to see if that resolves the issue.

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      Rene’ 13 days ago

      Not getting sound from Anker speaker. Model A3102. This is the message I see when attempting to connect to Anker Soundcore sound—-“Connection unsuccessful. Make sure Anker Soundcore is turned on and in range”. iPhone is 5” away from speaker. Bluetooth is on. I see inside the speaker screen the “on” blue light. But the blue light is flashing. It usually is not flashing. Does the speaker just need to be recharged? Can this speaker be UNmuted?