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Troubleshooting Samsung BD-D5100 Blu-Ray Player Problems

Updated on January 8, 2016
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Common problems with the Samsung BD-D5100 Blu-ray player include the audio not playing, a "Prohibited" message appearing on the screen, the picture not displaying, poor-quality HDMI output, problems updating the device's software version and more. Try resolving your problem with the player through troubleshooting before kicking the device to the curb and replacing it.

The Samsung BD-D5100 Blu-ray player supports DivX, AVI, WMV, MPEG-2 and a variety of other video formats.
The Samsung BD-D5100 Blu-ray player supports DivX, AVI, WMV, MPEG-2 and a variety of other video formats. | Source

Audio Doesn't Play

  • Make sure the audio cables are firmly connected to both the Samsung BD-D5100ZA Blu-ray player and the TV or stereo receive the cables are connected to. Also, check the cables for cuts, fraying or other damage. If you do notice signs of physical damage, try using different audio cables to see if the physical damage has rendered the existing cables you're using unusable.
  • Ensure that neither the Samsung Blu-ray player or any devices the audio is being output through is muted. If one device is muted, the audio won't be outputted anywhere.
  • Check the audio settings on the Samsung Blu-ray player. You can do this by:
  1. Press "Menu" on the remote control that came with the Samsung BD-D5100ZA Blu-ray player.
  2. Select "Settings."
  3. Select "Audio."
  4. Select "Digital Output." You can select from PCM, Bitstream (Re-encode) or Bitstream (Audiophile). Try using different digital outputs to see if using a different audio output setting allows your audio to be successfully outputted.

"Prohibited" Message Appears on Blu-Ray Display

  • This message appears when you press a button on the Samsung BD-D5100ZA Blu-ray player's remote control that isn't a valid option on the disc you're viewing.
  • You may select a feature that the Samsung Blu-ray player has but that the disc doesn't support, such as a display option, or you may try entering a chapter or other region on the disc that doesn't exist. For example, if the disc doesn't have a menu and you try viewing the root menu on the disc, you may see this message.

Picture Doesn't Display

The Samsung BD-D5100ZA Blu-ray player may be set up to output in a resolution the monitor it's connected to doesn't support. For example, if your Blu-ray player is set to output in 1080i and the monitor the Blu-ray player is connected to doesn't support 1080i. If you recently changed the output resolution and now you can't see an outputted image, you'll need to recover the Samsung Blu-ray player's factory settings by removing any disc that's inside the player and then holding down the "Stop" button for at least five seconds. Restoring the device's factory settings erases any personal information set up on the device, such as saved settings like wireless network information.

HDMI Outputs Poorly

  • Make sure the video cable connecting the Samsung BD-D5100ZA Blu-ray player to the TV or other monitor is firmly connected to both the Blu-ray player and the monitor. Also, similar to what you did with the audio cables, check the video cables for physical damage. Try using a different set of cables to rule out a problem with the cables you're currently using.
  • The TV or other monitor doesn't support High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP). if the disc is HDCP protected and the monitor you're outputting the video to doesn't support that protection, the video won't output correctly when using an HDMI cable. Check the specifications for your monitor to see if it supports HDCP content.
  • Wipe the disc down using a silk cloth to remove any dirt or other debris that could be causing your problem. Also, check the disc for physical damage, such as scratches, as these can also cause output problems.

Software Update Problems

A variety of problems can prevent a software update from installing correctly. Whether you're upgrading over Wi-Fi or via a connected flash drive, don't turn the Samsung BD-D5100ZA Blu-ray player off while the device is updating, as this results in the update not being installed or not work at all. if you're updating the Blu-ray software via the USB port, you can only use a thumb drive and not a portable hard drive or any other type of USB storage device. If you check the firmware version after updating the device and the firmware version doesn't represent the upgrade, restart the device and try installing the software update again.


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      Stuart 6 years ago from Santa Barbara, CA

      I have the same Blu Ray Player, Great article!