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Truckers GPS Navigation - A Truckers Story

Updated on March 30, 2010

I have complained for years about the crappy software used in commercial gps units. I'm a long haul trucker who really packs in the miles. I put in about 10,000 miles a month all over our nations main freeways and not so main freeways.

My wife got me started on these GPS's a while back now and they have all just ticked me off. It seems that the trip always starts out well and then within 500 miles it will do something stupid. My favorite has always been the "Asphalt Rope-a-Dope". The "Asphalt Rope-a-Dope" is where the gps takes you off the freeway, sending you a mile or so down the road (usually terrible roads), turns you around and puts you right back on the freeway where you've just come from.

Had a few memorable moments hauling double tankers the wrong way down a one way too.

Over the years I have gone through maybe 6 of these units until I found the Garmin NUVI465T. This unit is the "Cats Meow", the "Bees Knees". . . It's all of that.

I have about 50,000 miles in with this new gps and I love it. It has NEVER steered my wrong and has all the great features you'd expect.

We are planning on taking it with us in the motor home soon. We pull our GEO along when we vacation so we have wheels when we get there. Problem is we never really know where we are or how to get where we want to go.

This new Garmin unit works great in large vehicles and also has a standard vehicle mode available at the touch of my stylus. So we'll nav there, unhook the car and then use the nav in the car. Great! I'll let you know how that all goes.

If you're a trucker or other large vehicle commercial driver you must checkout the Truckers GPS Units.


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