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Truth About Bubblews: Is It A Scam? (Review-2015)

Updated on July 4, 2015

Is Bubblews A Scam?

Many are curious and suspicious about signing up and writing for bubblews because there is a mixed response about it on the web. If you look on the web, you see a lot of personal blog/websites that claim, that, bubblews is a scam website that is using it's users to make money.

Then on the other-hand, you see a lot of happy people who have stated that they have been paid every-time and state, that, the people who are angry at bubblews, simply could not follow the rules which resulted in them being banned, and then made their own angry post about the website.

Admittedly, I was like the second hand of the people. Defending bubblews and stating how people who say it was a scam, were simply people who didn't acknowledge or follow the rules, which resulted in their banning.. because, I personally was never banned, and have always been paid by bubblews since I was in accordance with their rules.


Exposed Secrets About Bubblews

Looking now though and seeing that bubblews has evolved (so they state) since the time I "started" on bubblews, we can see that major changes have happened on the site within the time-frame of 2013 and 2014.

Since 2013, bubblews has changed it's format completely, and even changed a lot of rules step at a time which I "predicted" would happen through posts I posted on bubblews.

When I say bubblews has made changes step at a time, I literally mean that the owners of bubblews have changed bubblews step at a time, hoping their users would not notice the "dramatic" changes that were to unfold as they took these small steps to implement what they really intended to do.

By bubblews making step by step changes to the site, this made users able to adapt to bubblews' changes which almost always resulted in bicker, because of how bubblews would get more and more, let's say greedy. It was proven when bubblews put-in secret rules that were listed without announcement or anywhere the community could see, which resulted in the "quittage" of one of the first people to ever sign up on bubblews, MrMojo01.

MrMojo01 was a bubblews user who had signed up with bubblews from the very beginning of its creation. He became quite popular on bubblews because of the amount of money he made. Mrmojo01 got to a point where he made $700 a month "passively" on bubblews. And why he made so much, was because back than, bubblews paid 1c per view, like and comment, and MrMojo01 had been with bubblews for so long, that, he had enough posts in his archive to generate a nice stream of passive-income which resulted in him making a decent amount of money on the website.

When bubblews made a secret change that no-one was aware about, which was, changing the 400 characters per post rule, to 400 characters "without spaces or symbols counting" (you were able to use spaces and symbols as characters prior to the change) it resulted in bubblews banning a lot of members since, they broke the rules of bubblews, even though they were not aware of this change since it was no-where to be seen, resulting in bubblews saving a lot of money by not needing to pay the "banned-users" earnings.

MrMojo01 being a senior member, got a warning because of this "rule-break" instead of a banning, and had to have all his posts that were under 400 characters (without spaces or symbols) deleted.

Since this resulted in over 30,000 views of his being deleted from bubblews ($300) Mojo took a large break from bubblews and ended up not coming back since more of his posts continued to be deleted for unknown reasons.


Dirty Truth About Bubblews

So as we can see, bubblews implements steady-steps instead of changing bubblews all at once, so, the bubblews community can adapt to the small steps that are headed towards the big-plan, which is, to make bubblews a business and nothing more, saving them as much as possible with it's users getting little pay.

(And why bubblews had to do that, was because in order to "attract" users when you first start out, you need to have something that is different from all other competitors. From how generous and easy bubblews was in the "beginning" it attracted users to the site, and once they had enough users to be well-known, they implemented changes giving it's users less and less to become more of a business).

The bubblews staff who post posts about how wonderful we're all doing and how they have amazing visions for bubblews and we are a part of it, is all just phony pep-talk to keep "you" motivated to keep writing for bubblews. In reality, they could care less about you and are all about the "money" you are making them.

It was now proven once they took out our ability to "see" our views on our posts and in our banks which is where users would usually see how many views they had coming in daily (1c per view). And why they did this, was to make it impossible for you to track how many views you would be getting to your posts "per-day" making you unable to see the lost income you once had coming in from views which they are now barely, if not, paying for.

Apparently bubblews implemented this change because they don't see how it is beneficial for the site (riiight..) and to help them stop spammers and people who would try to "game" the system.

Well reality is, this is a "deception" and their intention "is" to have spammers and people who game the system, because "system-gamers" who go liking and commenting on every-post they can in order to get people to "go-back-to-them" do exactly that, to, get likes and comments back which is all the money we are now paid for. And by bubblews no-longer paying its users per view, makes it impossible for any-one to ever receive a passive-income from bubblews, forcing you, to participate in their "social-activity" game on bubblews to make money, since, you would never be able to relax and receive passive-income which they have now taken out. Where, you need to go around connecting, commenting, and liking others posts in order to get money.

(Why bubblews took out paying barley if not anything for views, was so people were "forced" to "keep" writing in order to earn money for them, making more of an archive for bubblews to keep earning money, with them saving the money you "would" have gotten for views).

So there you have it, is bubblews really a scam that is tricking it's users into writing for them to make them money? I'll let you be the judge, but let's just say, I had a good-time with bubblews, until they cut off my passive-pay, which now makes me, make absolutely no money for the work I put in.

So.... were all my ideas and work I put into bubblews, worth it..? Absolutely not, since I will no longer be getting paid "passively" for over "1000" articles I have written for them, while they will still be receiving that pay for the users I bring in from my articles.

So is it a SCAM? You be the judge.

Do You Think Bubblews Is A Scam?

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    • KathyH profile image


      3 years ago from Waukesha, Wisconsin

      I was totally shocked that right before the website went under, I DID get paid the $50.03 that I had requested. I had written it off and didn't expect payment. I think they tried, but couldn't keep up their business model.

      I feel the same way as paul pruel. I had a feeling the website was going under, too. It surprised me a little bit that it happened so quickly. I'm glad they at least gave people an announcement so writer's would at least know what had happened.

    • csmiravite-blogs profile image

      Consolacion Miravite 

      3 years ago from Philippines

      I just saw it yesterday that it went kaputs Nov 16. There were tell-tale signs that it was about to go under, and it finally did!

    • paul pruel profile image

      Paul Odien Pruel 

      3 years ago from Philippines and Saudi Arabia

      Today Dec 15, 2015, I visited What I saw is only an announcement posted by bubblews team that says:


      After being up and running for almost 3 years now we regrettably need to inform you that we will be shutting down. The climate for display advertising has drastically changed and made it impossible for us to sustain the business model and operations. We want to thank everyone that was a part of this journey. We wish you all the very best.


      Well, at least ha buibblews has still the initial respect to its members and contributors...before shutting down the site completely...

    • KathyH profile image


      3 years ago from Waukesha, Wisconsin

      When I first started writing for them about two years ago, I was averaging about $100 a month. Now this last time it took me probably seven or eight months to make the $50 needed for payout. And guess what? It's been over the 60 days now that I've been waiting for the payout, and I haven't heard a thing. I know deep down that I'm not going to get paid what I supposedly "earned" (which was pennies a day!) Never again!! Canceling my account and moving on. I should have moved on the first time this happened (it only happened once before, and the website was in the middle of being redone at the time. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and I thought my "payout" got lost in the shuffle so I kept writing).

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Its the ads... To pay good you need a certain click rate. Any higher or lower and there is evidence of fraudulent traffic. Sites are at advertiser mercy.. I got out of it .. Fuggum

    • writinglover profile image


      4 years ago from Lost...In Video Games

      When it first started, I made over $300. Now, I'm making a last-ditch effort if I can get the last 97 cents to hit $50 and I can't make a single penny. Is it worth it? Nope! Yesterday was my first time in nearly months to post something there and my efforts are going to waste. Ugh.

    • SandyMertens profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      4 years ago from Frozen Tundra

      It was a wonderful year in 2013 on Bubblews. I have now count down my over 1200 posts to 50 shown on my profile.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 

      4 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      I was wondering where you went!!! No seriously bubblews is the worst thing happening. I have been on there for a few months and it started out great. Then I realized I had to put just as much time liking and commenting on other posts so, I mean really, how can you have much time to write. I never made much because I got so tired of having to like and post everyone else just to get a reading, which was still taking a risk that they would even do it. Now I'm just down right pissed. I can't see my views, which are surprisingly down and I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. I'm at $26.00 and I want to reach payout so I can be through with them, but its taking me forever, especially now that it seems like I'm getting less views. This is my hope...they become so greedy everyone get sick of them and stop writing and they go under. Working for them is like working in a sweat factory!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      4 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      I think I will stay away, thank you for the heads up.


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