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Try Directory Submitter Software for your Websites

Updated on May 11, 2011

3 Free Directory Submitter Programs

In this article obviously I am going review the 3 Directory Submitters I have illustrated within the photographs but I am going to explain how you use each one and which one's are best for websites and which ones for Blogs. Forget the first image at the very top of the article, Buzz directory submitter I am not familiar with and I am going to show you some free alternatives to get you started and help you see a significant change in your traffic.

Image Courtesy of:

1 - Fast Directory Submitter

On my Desktop
On my Desktop

Best Directory Submission

OK, so I will start with the above submitter and this one is suitable for website submission and as an article submitter because if you look carefully in the photo above you can see the lines of text and here we can see at the top is my personal websites and underneath a list of my hubpages URLs. If you look just above the 'Log In' button in the top right-hand corner you will notice a little folder with a '+' symbol, this is where you click to start a 'new campaign', the campaign is a short form you fill in once only and then the software automatically enters these details into the directory forms for you.

I am just giving you the basic functions to set you on your way at the moment, other things you will easily pick up on your own, of course I am talking about things such as viewing statistics of how many articles where sucessfully added, and other software programs I will mention even return information about your page rankings on search engine optimisation. Fast Directory Submitter allows you to submit to 150 directories, some included are PR5, but after the 150 you must upgrade to membership, although I was happy with 150.

You must register a free account with all of these sites to use the programs, however this takes only 2 minutes and then you have you details to 'Login' as shown above. Here is the website address of Fast Directory for your download.

2 - Directory Dominator

On my Desktop
On my Desktop

Another Favourite for a Directory Link

Another Program I really enjoyed for search engine submission was Directory Dominator because it works in a different format to most other submission software in the fact that the window acts like a browser which shows you the submission form on the website in case you want to edit any categories the program has automatically listed you under. All the regular features from the other tool I showed you are here also, for example if you look at the top right hand corner where I have clicked on settings it gives you the option of 'Manage Profiles' and 'Update Directory Database' which allows you to find more directories to include in the left hand column. The word 'Profile replaces the word 'Campaign' in this instance but still acts as a 'one-time' flll-out form to be automatically entered into the directories.

Directory Dominator allows you to url link free to upto 300 directory websites and you can find out more information here:

3 - digiXMAS Submitter

On my Desktop
On my Desktop

Website Optimisation made Easy

Last but not least we have digiXMAS Submitter, I liked this one because the layout was simplistic and the buttons were clear and easy to see how they work at the top toolbar. You don't even have to open a new window to fill out your 'auto-form', this is all edited in the column to the left-hand side and a where it says 'my sites', it is easy to access another site/article you wish to submit.  The URLs appear scrolling down the central window as they are being updated to the directory sites, a small window will occasionally appear to ask for a 'captcha' to prove to the website that it is a genuine person requesting a link and not a spam-bot.

Here is a website you can download and link free to 150 directories:

Well, I hope you find these programs as useful as I did, I have another article listing some great links directories you can submit to manually here. I am also thinking of writing my next article on 'myspace friend adding software and twitter following software', because this is all hand in hand with SEO tips. I have had some great results with the above mention software, seeing my personal websites rise to first and second Google page lists when keywords such as 'Music' 'Newport' and 'Fashion' are entered.


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