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Tune in for a perfect digital marketing plan

Updated on April 22, 2015

Digital Marketing and Its SIgnificance

When you first decided your company needs a digital marketing expert, were you actually aware of what exactly digital marketing is. Did you know what wonders can a perfect digital marketing plan do to your business? Probably not. For all such business owners and marketers, who do not really know what an online marketing plan should be like, here are the major elements they need to work upon.

Digital marketing is the process of promoting a brand or a product through electronic mediums. It is one of the major marketing efforts that almost every business lays emphasis on.

Digital Marketing - Overview


Past and Present of Digital Marketing

The concept of marketing a business or a brand across the web wasn’t really an idea welcomed by most of the businesses few years back. Most of the small and medium sized businesses were satisfied with the results of their direct marketing efforts. The major reason for this was their unawareness about the worth of digital platforms. Years back, most of us didn’t know how to make use of social media platforms and analytics tools made available by Google.

With time, we evolved and entered a technological era, where people were moving online. In the year 2000, the number of internet users in India was 5,498,269, and within the next decade, the number count of internet users in the country rose to 90,421,849. If we look at the current figures, the country has more than 304,676,000 internet users and this figure is expected to grow multifold in the years to come.

Not just this, in the recent years, the number of mobile internet users too has grown significantly. As per a recently published report, India will have 40 million new mobile internet users in the next 6 months.

The above detailed figures portray a clear picture of how crucial it is for businesses to build an image across the online platforms. As more social platforms, local directories and blogging sites emerged. The internet users became informed and with this, the concept of digital marketing evolved too.

In the past, for most businesses, digital marketing was a process that involved link building, sharing content, wherein most of the marketers published one piece of content on numerous websites. Many marketers even didn’t mind resorting to the black hat techniques that were never supported by the search engines.

Gradually, the marketers understood all that Google wanted them to do as most of them ended up getting their websites penalized.

Then came the era, when numerous businesses found it alarming to tune to a well-planned and workable online marketing strategy. In the recent years, many new digital agencies have evolved to take care of everything that a company needs to consider to build a brand online. Numerous businesses prefer hiring a digital marketing company, which takes care of SEO, PPC and Social media marketing.

Let social media help you build your brand

Social media does add to your revenue and customer base
Social media does add to your revenue and customer base | Source

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Reduced marketing cost
  • Brand development
  • Increased traffic
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Ease of competitive analysis

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An Era of Digital Marketing

It would be a bit difficult to define when we entered the digital era, but it is quite evident that every business now needs to take on its online audience. It won’t just increase the traffic to their websites, but also help them build a brand on social media platforms and all across the web space. Besides, the present trends indicate that future lies in the online space and thus, it is essential to move ahead and ensure that your company has a streamlines digital marketing plan.

To assist you develop an appropriate strategy for your online visibility, here is the list of major elements to be considered.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, most commonly referred to as SEO is the process of optimizing a website to get more organic traffic. SEO helps improving a website’s rank among the search results. Every marketer, to optimize a website need to work out a plan that includes keyword research, building quality links, local listings, reviewing URL structure and other technical aspects. Before a website is optimized, it is essential to review that the website doesn’t have any broken links and inter-linking within the internal pages is done properly.

Work out a Social Media Plan

The social media platforms have evolved as marketplaces, where the target audiences are most accessible than anywhere else. Every business, small or large needs to connect to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube, Instagram and Pinterest.

Social media marketing isn’t just about being active on social media, but also about formulating the right strategy for all the platforms. While strategizing the social media plans, the marketers may have to read the recent trends and also need to ensure that the quality of their posts draw user’s attention. High quality graphics and engaging content are major elements of a social media plan. Many organization follow social media strategies, but very few of them succeed. As per a study, 83% of the users said that their experience with social media marketing was bad.

Here are some facts and figures that support the idea.

  • Facebook has over 1.39 lakh users globally and 890 million users log on to the social media websites every day.
  • In 2014, 55% of the tweets had pictures and ensured 57% engagement.
  • Facebook receives 510 comments, 2,93,000 status updates and 1,36,000 image uploads.
  • Facebook has more than one billion users on the apps only.
  • It is found that 71% of the internet users are likely to make a purchase from a brand that they follow on social media.
  • The Facebook remarketing ads displayed in news feed get considerably high click through rate than the ads displayed in the right side.

Website structure and technical details

Many of you would be wondering why is the technical specifications be important for optimizing it. Google details specific guidelines for URL structure, broken links, and other technical factors. Having rectified these can surely help the SEO professionals expect better results in terms of rankings.

Content Strategy

Content serves as a major element of the digital marketing plan. Be it social media, blogs or any other platform, high quality content gets in more users and engagement. But, to ensure that the content posted by you is working well, you need to formulate a content strategy. It helps you know what to post where and when.

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Major elements of SEO

Keyword Research
Paid search
Link building
URL Structure
Organic search
Quality inbound links
Internal linking
On-page optimization
Content sharing
Local listings
Off-page optimization
Website structure


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