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Tuneup Media vs Rinse: Which is the Best iTunes Cleanup Tool?

Updated on July 28, 2013

Its Time to Settle the Score Between Tuneup Media and RinseMyMusic

With an increasing amount of iTunes users there has become a huge demand for iTunes cleanup products. Currently there are two programs on the market that seem to gaining the trust of iTunes user world wide.

The programs are go by the name of Rinse and Tuneup Media. A battle has been started between the two companies behind these programs and they are both determined to be the #1 iTunes management software available.

So what exactly do these iTunes cleanup programs do?

Well basically they cleanup up your iTunes music library automatically. Both programs promise to deliver in the following areas...

  • Find missing song information
  • Fix missing album art
  • Remove duplicate songs

They both have some different additional features which I will explain in further detail below, but these are the core functions needed by most iTunes users. Your probably wondering why iTunes has to give people so many headaches when Apple products are usually so easy to use.

Well the problem arises with the compatibility of 3rd party music downloaded from sources other than iTunes. Its understandable that iTunes doesn't want to assist their users in downloading their music from music stores and torrent sites but its also understandable to not want to pay $0.99 for every song you download.

Don't Forget To Factor In a Discount Code...

Would you like to save $5 on the purchase price of Rinse? Visit the following link for the current Rinse My Music Discount Code updated monthly along with the free trial version.

Price: $34


How about saving 15% on your copy of TuneUp? Use this link to find the current TuneUp Media Promo Code which usually ranges from 15-20% off. You can also find the free trial version here.

Price: Lifetime version $26.95 / Yearly subscription $16.95.

Which is the best iTunes cleanup program available...Is it Rinse or Tuneup Media?
Which is the best iTunes cleanup program available...Is it Rinse or Tuneup Media?

Tuneup vs Rinse - Let The Battle Begin!

The main ground for comparison that I could find for these two iTunes plug ins was accuracy and performance. Considering that both programs offer similar functions I decided to focus on the mainly on the performance side of things.

The makers of Rinse focused more on the main cleanup features and Tuneup has tried to establish a more well rounded product. They offer additional features such as concert updates and streaming YouTube videos. I will explain these features below with the detailed description of Tuneup Media.

When first comparing the products from the get go I noticed there was slight price difference between the two. Rinse sell for $39 but is often discounted to $34. Tuneup happens to sell for a slightly lower price of $19.95 for a yearly subscription and $29.95 for the lifetime subscription.

After purchasing Rinse you get a permanent copy of the software without the option of yearly or limited subscription. If you are a die hard music junkie like myself than I would recommend going with either the lifetime copy of Tuneup or Rinse iTunes so you can have unlimited usage.

I was also reading Tuneup's terms of service and it clearly states that each copy of Tuneup gold is only good for one computer system. So if you have multiple computer systems than you might want to consider going with Rinse because of this factor alone. While it might cost you a few more dollars, you will be able to install it on any system you wish.

RinseMyMusic Main Features Explained...

Upon downloading Rinse you will open a zip file and begin installing the program. There are 4 main features of Rinse and they all involve cleaning up and organizing your iTunes library.

Rinse allows you to easily...

*Find Missing Album Art

*Remove Duplicates Songs

*Fix Misspelled or Missing Song Information

*Organize Songs Genres

When comparing these two iTunes plugins I noticed that Rinse provides more control over the music cleanup process. You have the ability to set specific parameters to your cleanup efforts giving you a more customized experience.

One unique feature offered by Rinse is the remove duplicates from iTunes function. This is definitely a nice perk of the program. The thought process with Tuneup is that you can clean the songs first and than be able to use the show duplicate feature built into iTunes to delete them by selection.

RinseMyMusic on YouTube

Tuneup Media's Main Features Exaplined....

Tuneup Media provides the same features as Rinse along with some additional bonus features. These features are; concert alerts, YouTube videos, artist bios, concert alerts, and connect with FaceBook.

Tuneup aims to provide a more personal experience than Rinse by allowing people to utilize their additional features. They group all of the cleanup functions under the Cleanup and Cover Art tab. With these two tabs you can scan your songs in a similar way to that of Rinse iTunes.

A small difference between the two is Tuneup relys on correct song information in order to find cover art. So if you want to fill in those missing gray music notes make sure you use the clean tab first.

The cleanup and cover art features of Tuneup Media are definitely up to par with the performance of Rinse really, making it tough to crown one the king of iTunes cleanup programs. Many people are swayed to Tuneup for its additional features but most people aren't that worried about it.

Tuneup provides the following features in addition to "Clean" and "Cover Art"...

Concert Alerts - This is by far my favorite feature of Tuneup. It provides you with an update of any upcoming show in your surrounding area. I know how easily a great show can pass by and its really nice to stay current while just listening to my iTunes.

You can actually purchase your concert tickets directly through the Tuneup user interface. they have partnered one of the largest entertainment and ticketing providers giving you one click access to any available tickets.

Tuniverse - The goal of Tuniverse is to enhance your music listening experience. This feature provides content from all over the web allowing you to get to know your favorite artists better than ever.

When you play a song and click over to the "Tuniverse" tab you will immediately notice an artist bio and YouTube video. With this feature you can watch music videos on demand any time.

Artist bios are brought to you from Wikipedia so they are definitely legit and worth reading. You will also see song recommendations from as well as merchandise. There is also a feed from Ebay related to your artist.

Share - Recently Tuneup decided to hook the program up with FaceBook and Twitter. Now you can listen to music and tell your friends about it at the same time. It allows you set up a direct connect with your accounts a post about the song your listening directly from iTunes.

Tuneup Media Tour Video on YouTube

Get you groove on!
Get you groove on!

And The Winner Is...

After my careful analysis of both Rinse and the Tuneup Media music companion it was really tough to draw a conclusion as to which is the best program available. Both programs promise they will clean up your iTunes automatically and they do just that.

If you just need an iTunes cleanup tool than you can't go wrong with either program. You will find that the price of Tuneup is slightly lower than Rinse and you might be swayed towards program because of this.

Pros of Rinse iTunes

  • Simple user interface

  • More control over the overall cleanup process

  • Organize genres

Pros of Tuneup Media

  • Very accurate clean feature

  • Extensive database of album art

  • Concert alerts, artist bios, and YouTube vids

So Which is the Best iTunes Cleanup Program Available?

Is it Rinse , or Tuneup Media? After all was said and done I really couldn't give either program the title. They both perform similar functions and are extremely well engineered. If you are having a tough time deciding between the two, I would recommend going with the program that suites your needs the most.

Tuneup has some additional features like concert alerts, and YouTube videos, but it doesn't provide the total control over the cleanup process like Rinse does. The bottom line is they are both extremely useful programs and you won't be disappointed with either one.So if your iTunes library is a complete mess, download one of these great cleanup programs and get your music in order.

Rinse vs Tuneup Media: You Decide

Which iTunes Cleanup Program Do You Think Is Better, Rinse or Tuneup?

See results

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      this really is a worthless comparison. i tested tuneup and i was completely disappointed - it might work accurat, but there are to many bugs. the program is very slow and i had to shut down my computer manually many times due to CPU-loops and interaction with avira. rinse is much faster, no loops, no crash - but it sometimes only fixes the songtitel and not the albumtitle neither the artist.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I purchased TuneUp and found it continually buggy on startup with iTunes. Additionally, some of you may know that TuneUp altered some of its best core features, repackaged it and then asked for further payment to use the new upgraded feature without compensating existing clients who should have been grandfathered in.

      Poor public relations move TuneUp...and your software isn't all that either. Go with Rinse people.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I bought Rinse and decided to split it with one of my friends. Rinse CANNOT be shared on more than one computer... that is - you get to use the license 5 times and that's it. So if you use it on your computer and are not done with it, then your friend uses it on his, you'll need to reenter the code to activate it on your computer. Keep going back and forth and you're done after 5 activations and nobody can use it.

      Rinse should only be used on one computer - this article states it is a better deal to get it so you can use it on multiple computers, which is true if you're using it for a one-time thing. If you accumulate music that needs to be fixed, then this is not your best bet.

      After having realized this, their customer service graciously restored the 5 uses. I decided to give it to my friend and get my own copy.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Where can I actually learn which product is better?

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Be carefull with TuneMedia. I purchased the one year license and never receive the activation code. I asked for a refund and the answer was that they cant refund my money because they didn't received my payment. If I made the purchase directly from their website and my credit card was charged then Who receive the payment?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I gave up on tune-up for Mac. It's just too buggy. I had to force quit it every time I opened itunes. I may give Rinse a try but never again TuneUp. and support is non existent.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      review wasn't that great at all...we could've rated them 50/50 ourself, that's inherent.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Having used the full version of TuneUp for Windows, I can tell you that the system is slow, buggy, and just plain poorly designed. For all I know, the accuracy could be fine. But the drag and drop interface is not responsive and it's the only option you have. I would have much preferred a menu system that shows you that your files are being loaded rather than leaving me hanging without indication that it's loading.

      Furthermore, desired cleaning functionality is extremely simple and commonplace: people want to let a program sit over night, analyze all of their music and replace the metadata of songs that need it. This system does not distinguish between files that need cleaning and files that do not (despite having it's "Analyze" mode). It'll clean your downloaded itunes songs. If you cleaned half of your library before the program crashed, you either have to start from the beginning or try to find where it left off.

      It won't act as a separate window but instead hides behind my itunes window and cannot be moved. Luckily the TuneUp window can't completely figure out where the itunes window is and I can move the itunes window to a part of the screen that it won't follow.

      If you hover the mouse at the bottom left corner of the TuneUp window, a button will appear that will bring you to a debug window with all of the Exceptions (crashes) that have occurred in your usage.

      Poorly designed and implemented. The service may be perfectly fine. But it seems like they were more concerned with integrating facebook and pushing more "tuniverse" music down your throat, than making a quality user experience that should be standard for any commercial software.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      The biggest weakness of Rinse is that it is dependent on Adobe Air. I have Air installed and tolerate it for my NYTimes reader and adobe's suite of software but it is unstable at best. In this case I got a -2048 error on install and my evaluation of Rinse was a washout

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Why the comparison doesn't mention the stability, the of each software? What about a speed test for each software? Sorry, but this comparison too superficial and doesn't bring a conclusion (or at lease answers) for what the readers are looking for.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I have a permanent licence for Tuneup and I have found that Tuneup is quite buggy, slow in operation, reticent to accept mouse clicks and for the last 6 months of use has ALWAYS hung when trying to save album art. No one from Tuneup answers mail and their product does not seem to be improving, rather the reverse.

      I cannot pass an opinion on Rinse as I have not used it but I can say that Tuneup is a very flawed product.

    • profile image

      rory Cipolla 

      7 years ago

      i use tune ups. it works way better. tidy songs got a lot of the names wrong. it cost more. and i also feel like tidy songs gives you less control. you have to make a separate folder for music cleaning or you cant keep track.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      While I like the price difference and ability to use on multiple computers...TidySongs just doesn't work terribly well. TuneUp, while not quite as "automated" I find to be very accurate, even with obscure stuff. Also, I find the Tidy Songs "UNDO" feature to be a joke! Now I have to figure out how it jacked-up my music and start from scratch...


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