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Go IPhone With Apps on IPod

Updated on November 2, 2013

It Is Amazing as Much as It Is a Useful

Send out text messages, make phone calls & even get a real working number, all but turning your IPod into a IPhone. No modifying, jail breaking or anything that violates Apples terms required. Which means you wont be forfeiting your IPods warranty.

IPod to IPhone Requirements

  • IPod Touch, [IOS varies with app selection]
  • WiFi connection
  • Touch tone working land line or cellular phone
  • Google/Gmail account
  • Access to Apples I Tunes App Store
  • Google Voice app
  • Talk a Tone or Hangouts app
  • A pair of ear buds with built in microphone.
  • 20 to 45 minutes of free time (it is well worth it)



  1. Sign up for a Google Voice & download the app [or vise-verse]
  2. Once your all set up in GV check the requirements before you decide between the Talk a Tone app & Hangouts.
  3. Once you have downloaded either the Talk a tone or Hangouts app set up and enjoy.

Quick Summery

In order to do the full transformation -- of IPod to IPhone -- either the Talk a Tone or Hangouts app on top of GV will be required. The Talk a Tone app can stand alone as well though it works better on top of GV according to the site. The Hangouts app is a Google service & can be used in Gmail or Google plus, GV is not required. You can set it all up on a desktop then install the apps from ITunes or, just do it all from start to finish right from your IPod Touch.

Google Voice IOS App for IPhone

5 stars from 1 rating of GV IOS App in ITunes

Google Voice Requires iOS 4.3 or later

A requirement for this process, the Google Voice for IOS app, acts as a backbone when used In conjunction with the Talk a Tone or Hangouts app. It can also act as a stand alone download provide easy text messaging capability on your IPod Touch. Google Voice is easier than you think to use on your desktop, smartphone and even your IPod Touch. Please note, Google Voice app uses network data.

Talk a Tone Requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Talk a Tone improves the native Google Voice app with the ability to make and receive calls over a WIFI connection. The Talk a Tone app places calls using your GV number. Please note Google Voice is independent of Talk a Tone. GV may choose to alter services which could impact how Talk a Tone app works currently.


Hangouts Requires iOS 6.0 or later

With the Hangouts for IOS app move from IPod to desktop as well as other devices seamlessly. Besides calling capability Hangouts on top of GV allows you send as well as receive pictures or animated GIFs. One cool feature when calls or messages are received during music playback, Hangouts will lower the music to notify you instead of stopping it. Please note currently your missed calls are not logged in your call history & received calls only display the callers number.

Did you know that VIOP even existed?

Voice Over Internet Provider is a way to make and receive phone calls with out a telephone service company, did you know that?

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