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Turn you Pentium 4, & Celeron Computer into a Internet Browsing station (“Old PC”)

Updated on July 1, 2011

Turn you Pentium 4, & Celeron Computer into a Internet Browsing station (“Old PC”)

Hey do you have Old pc setting on the attic or on the basement, why not use it to brows internet


Old PC at least having:


-Pentium 4 1.50 GHz & up

-Celeron 1.60 GHz & up (not thePentium III Coppermine-based &Pentium III Tualatin-based)

-Celeron M 1.60 GHz & up


-At least 512mb of RAM if you are using the onboard video card.

-At least 256mb of RAM if you are using the external video card.

Video Card/Graphics Card

-On onboard video card at least total memory 32mb or 64mb video card.

-On external video card at least total memory 32mb if your using 512mb Of RAM, & at lest total memory 64mb if your using 256mb of RAM.

OS/Operating System

-Use Windows XP services pack 3


Pleas Clean the System unit first, it most be neat and clean, and make sure that the all component/parts/hardware are working properly.

Let’s get started:

Step 1

Reformat the Computer

-If you know how to reformat the pc reformat it using Windows XP

-If you didn’t know how to reformat refer to other who knows how to reformat computer.


-And Install all its Drivers of the Computer (don’t forget it)


Boost the performances of a newly formatted Computer

-At least you have “My Computer” icon on your desktop

-Right click on the desktop then click “Properties” to display the Display Properties

-Click “Desktop” Tab, then choose “none” on the background menu, then click “Customize Desktop”, then on the General Tab just click the box of the “My Computer”

-then press “OK” then click “Apply”, and then “OK”

-Ok you have now “My Computer” icon on your desktop, Right Click on it and click “Properties”

-Click the “Automatic Update” Tab, and then choose “Turn off Automatic Update”. It will help your computer to minimize CPU usage or prevent your Internet connection low. “Ops don’t click apply and ok then”

-After that Click the “Advance” Tab, click the “Sittings” on Performance to open the Performance Option, and then choose “Adjust for best Performance” on the “Visual effect” Tab, then click the “Advance” Tab on the Virtual memory section click “change”

-Ok this is very important this is your Virtual Memory it help your pc to perform better if you have low in RAM, at least you have free space on hard disk of 4gb and up, click the C: drive on the Drive box to highlight it, and then choose Custom size, then type on the Initial size (MB) to 3000 and the Maximum size (MB) to 4000, and then click the “Set” then Click “Ok” (u can also create on the other Virtual Memory on other drive if you have partition)

-Click “Apply” and then Click “Ok”

-And then finally click “Apply” and the click “Ok”


Installing Antivirus, Browser, and other software

-Install Antivirus you can choose AVAST, AVIRA or any kind of free Antivirus (I prefer avast)


Free 1yr registration for free avast antivirus (you can repeat if your registration is expire)

-Installing Browser, I prefer you use Mozilla Fire Fox

-Mozilla fire fox = very good

-Google Chrome = not good (it eats a lot memory/RAM & CPU Process)

-Opera, Internet E= I did not test it

-Install Flash Player

-Then install other software you like to add..


Then you're DONE test it!

Now you can internet in your old pc, in don’t try to play it in facebook game, I thing this will work (75%)

If is work pm me

My name is Jogene Aquino from Philippines a former Computer Technician, I revive old pc and restore old pc

Sorry for my bad English


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    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I happen to just have a Pentium 4, and can try this out. Voting this Up and Useful.