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Turning Ipod Touch into Iphone: Apple Peel 520

Updated on November 23, 2010

The idea

If you are an apple lover, you should know both products share so much similarity that the one big difference between them is the phone functionality. Especially their looks are almost identical. It is known that iphone is one of the hot products of the year 2010, many people want to buy it but hesitated by its high price tag. The idea came out that if one can turn ipod touch into iphone, consumers should save a lot of money.
In Guangdong province, china, there are two young men made this come true. After researching for six months, the two young men came up with a small device that can turn ipod touch into iphone. It is just like an iphone case, you put the ipod touch in it, that’s it. The SIM card can be plugged into the case and fulfilling the functionality of an iphone.
When they put up two minutes video on Chinese major video sites, it immediately grabbed netizens’ attention and heated up discussions.

The popularity

I think many people want to buy iphone, but most of them cannot afford it. Right now, the price of iphone 4.0 is about 5000 RMB, which means roughly $750, but with this device, you can have one “iphone” at $350, the gap is big. This device now only costs about $89.  So it has most of the advantage over the price.
Now it has a unique Chinese name called “ping guo pi”, which means “apple skin”. Manufacturers and consumers showed so much interest in the product that soon after the video came out, there are retailers on started selling it. The foreigners like Koreans, Japanese, Americans also showed interest in it and there are already dealers began to take the chance.

The patent problem

Apple has not given any comments about the product and the brothers are seeking solution for its sale right. The patent is still pending and the brothers gave its product a brand “patent pending”.  Is this an innovation or copy? Do they have the right to sell it? Despite the fact that it would potentially face lawsuit from Apple,  it is open for global preorder, there are already website selling it in USA. Want to take a look, here it is:


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