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Tutorial – MS Excel – How to Embed a File as an Object in a Microsoft Excel Worksheet

Updated on May 17, 2017
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Neha is a software professional who specializes in ServiceNow Customization and Implementation. She likes writing tutorial articles.

An existing file can be embedded into an excel sheet as an object. You can also create a new file via the excel sheet and embed it into your excel sheet. Read on to know how...

Here's step-by-step tutorial to embed a file as an object in a Microsoft excel worksheet.


1. Open the worksheet where you want to embed a file as an object.

2. Click on the cell in which you want to embed a file and go to Insert menu and click on “Object”. A new window will open up which has 2 ways in which files can be embedded.

  • Create New – Create a new file and embed it in the worksheet.
  • Create from File – Embed an existing file in the worksheet.

Create New

a. To Create a new file and embed it, choose the create new option and choose from the various types of files that can be created.

b. For e.g., let us create a “wordpad” document and embed it. Choose Wordpad document from the options and click okay.

c. You can choose “Display as Icon” option. The embedded file will be displayed as an icon in your worksheet.

d. When you click “OK” an empty wordpad file will open up.

e. You can type text in this file and close it.

f. When you close the file, you can see it as an icon in the worksheet.

g. If you double-click the icon, the wordpad file will open in editing mode.

Create from file

a. To embed an existing file as an object, click on the cell in which it is to be embedded and go to Insert menu and click on “object”. Select “Create from file” option in the window.

b. Click on ‘Browse’ and select the path where the file is located. Locate the file, select it and click ok to add it.

c. The path of the file gets added in the text box. You can ‘check’ the ‘link to file’ and ‘display as icon’ options. And click “OK”.

  • Link to File – Inserts the contents of the file into your document so that you can edit it later using the program which created the source file.
  • Display as Icon – Inserts an icon that represents the contents of the file into your document.

d. The added file will be displayed as an icon on your sheet.

e. Similarly you can add more files by following the same steps.

f. You can also use the ‘change icon’ feature to change the icon that represents the embedded file. You can have an icon of your choice by selecting from a list of available icons.

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