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Tutorial – MS Excel – How to Print Comments Attached to a Cell

Updated on April 19, 2017
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Neha is a software professional who specializes in ServiceNow Customization and Implementation. She likes writing tutorial articles.

Comments can be attached to cells in an excel sheet. When you normally print an excel worksheet, it just prints the data present in the worksheet. What if you want to print the comments added to individual columns also in your printout. Microsoft excel provides a way to do this. Read on to know more….


1. Open a Microsoft excel sheet. Assume this is your initial set of data looks like.

b. Some cells have comments added to them and some are without comments. You can Show Hide or Insert comments to a cell in an excel sheet.

2. Microsoft excel provides a way to print comments on paper along with the data while printing the excel worksheet. Go to Page layout tab > Click on the arrow to open Page Setup Menu.

3. This is how a Page Setup Menu looks like. Go to the ‘Sheet’ tab in this menu and select the desired option given under ‘Comments’.

4. The Comments menu has three options.

  • None
  • At the End
  • As displayed in the sheet

5. None

a. If you select the ‘None’ option from the comments menu, no comments will be printed when you print the page.

b. This is how the Page will look when it is printed.

6. At the end

a. If you select the ‘At the end’ option from the comments menu, the comments will be printed at the end of the data while printing the excel sheet.

b. The resulting printed data will look like this. Page1 will have your data and Page2 has the comments in the individual cells printed along with the cell number and the comment.

7. As displayed on sheet

a. If you select this option then by default only those comments will be printed which are shown on the sheet. To show a particular comment right click on the cell with comments and select the ‘show/hide comments’ option.

b. This will show the comments. Similarly you may choose to show the comments that you want to be printed along with the data.

c. Select the ‘As displayed on sheet’ option from the Page layout > Page setup > Sheet > Comments menu.

d. The result will be printed like this. All the comments will get printed as they appear on the sheet.

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