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Tweak Windows XP User Interface

Updated on February 18, 2010

Tweak your Windows XP Interface

Today, i have some up with yet another interesting free software called Windows PowerToys developed by Microsoft itself meant for providing better user experience for those who give priority to user interface tweaks and personalized appearance and settings. This tool is so effective that tweaking every object is just a click away. Example : Hiding your local disk drive partitions are like child's play. You an make it through one or two clicks. Just check or un-check in the boxes. That's all you have to do to get your tweaks done. As soon as you click apply, you can find your personalized settings being applied right away.

Tweak more...

As soon as you installed the software, you can find a desktop icon named TweakUI which contains all the necessary tools and built-in facilities to personalize everything. A lot of people prefer to edit windows registry by running the command regedit to get everything done. But not all users can do this with ease. Tweaking the registry should be at your own risk. So, its not recommended to beginners.

So Microsoft developed this tool to get rid of registry crashes so that everyone can use this tool without spending a lot of time to find out different interface modules and then tweaking it.

Other Handy Features

Another interesting thing about this software is that it can be used as some kind of back up or error fixing software. It performs various other tasks ranging from rebuilding your icons up to file management and fixing user-interface errors. You can tweak even the places of common dialogs appearing in XP. In short, the software acts an extended control panel for Windows XP. Just use this tool and unleash various tweaks in your windows XP.

It's available as FREE download from the Microsoft Download Center. Here's the Download Link.

This handy tool is only of 147 KB. I use this tool for protecting my private disk partitions, tweaking Windows Boot-up and behavior, changing templates and accessibility options, tweaking animation settings, etc.


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