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Tweakers Portable Mini Speakers

Updated on July 13, 2011


Tweakers Speakers Speaks Volumes

If you are a digital music lover and crave amazing speakers for your ipod, ipad or other portable music device than you simply must check out Tweakers, a type of mini portable speaker from Grandmax. These lusciously designed mini-boom speakers are quickly becoming the go-to accoutrement for music fans everywhere. And for good reason. These well designed portable speakers have a unique style and massive acoustic presence that blow the competition away. Recently I purchase a pair for a road trip (my car doesn’t have a radio) and couldn’t have been more happy about the purchase. So what do you get in a pair of Tweakers?

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The Stats

The mini-boom speakers are a little under 2 inches tall after they are popped and ready to crank out their massive sound. They have a very sleek design with a rounded top. The bottom is of course flat so that they can sit upright. These speakers are extremely light for the amount of sound they can produce. The cords can retract into the speakers and then the speakers themselves can be stuck together on the flat side via built in magnets. When in this portable configuration the speakers measure a little over 4 inches long and are easily carried in a pocket or backpack (or fanny pack if you’re from the 1980’s!)

What’s amazing about these tiny boom-a-lots are that they come with their own power supply –which is what gives them their aural intensity. The rechargeable batteries that come with these sets last 5-7 hours – a respectable amount of time for any electronic equipment that is subject to perform at these levels. And like most electronic devices, if you connect them to your mac or other laptop you can charge the speaker batteries while listening to tunes.

The last amazing stat comes in the form of a story I read on the internet. It seems that at a conference, in the Grandmax demonstration booth, one of the salesmen would pickup the Tweakers and drop them from a height of 4 feet! Now-a-days you can’t drop any electric device from that height and expect it to survive the impact. Amazingly enough, they did. He plugged them in and they worked perfectly. Now, I didn’t do this with my own Tweakers, because, lets face it, who wants to loose that bet?

They go on sale in the U.S. later this month at for around $39.95 and come in dark red or black. During a demonstration at their booth, Jason Chu from Grandmax, dropped them from about 4-feet (1.2192 meters) to show their durability. He picked them up, plugged them in and they worked just fine.

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Worth Every Penny

In a world where portable speakers are dominated by headphones –an entirely antisocial development that foretells the hardening of modern society – it’s nice that some companies are reaching out to make reasonably priced, affordable speakers for community and social use. No longer do we need to use oversized speakers that break the backs and the checkbook of the proletariat. Thank You Tweakers. Thank You.


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