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Tweet away your illness from hospital beds

Updated on March 3, 2010

Off late, we have heard of social media presence in hospitals but now-a-days people have taken to tweeting their health updates, even while they are in their hospital beds. They post information about their health issues and progress they make, during their stay in the hospital.

Earlier, people were private about their health issues but now they have begun to share it with their group of friends in social media sites like twitter and facebook. This helps them to counter depression caused by the disease and get support. When people share their problems, they get relief from stress and this liberates them.

Social media like twitter also allows you to give your friends and family your health updates. The family members who cannot make it to the hospital can get the latest developments in your condition and the test results that may arrive while they are not around. So, tweet away your illness and boredom of the hospital stay!

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      milawalker 5 years ago

      It's good to have something to do while you are lying on your hospital bed.

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