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Twiends Vs TraffUp Limit Reached

Updated on January 31, 2012
Twiends Vs TraffUp
Twiends Vs TraffUp | Source

Twiends Vs TraffUp. We all want to grow our twitter followers don't we ?

These two sites and are both created to help you get your twitter name out their. They both are free to sign up, and once signed up the sites systems requires you to look at other peoples twitter names, and follow them for points or seeds , then these points or seeds will be then exchanged for you to be able to list your twitter profile and thus getting exposure to you. The interface for twiends is much nicer than traffup as the site has been established for longer but DONT let that sway you to twiends just yet as this not the better site in my opinion and I will explain why in the next section of my article as there are various PITFALLS in each of the sites that you need to be aware of as I have been subjected to them first hand.

Traff-Up And Twiends

Twiends Vs TraffUp
Twiends Vs TraffUp | Source
Twiends Vs TraffUp
Twiends Vs TraffUp | Source

Twiends Vs TraffUp. Which site Is better, why ?

So we have two sites here that you would think do exactly the same thing right ? Not quite.

Twiends Advantages -

  • Extremely large audience to the site which means the chance of you getting lots of followers is high
  • Other features that come bundled with the site in exchange for seeds are: youtube views and Facebook likes
  • The user interface is very easy on the eye and easy too navigate
  • You can choose who follows you i.e from which country people live in

Twiends Disadvantages -

  • The amount of limitations twiends has in place are plainly ridiculous, they say its to stop spam, but personally I believe they just don't want you to get lots of free seeds and instead buy them from twiends. These limits the most amount of followers your likely to get WITHOUT paying a penny to around 10K, and EVEN LESS if you use some of your seeds on other things such as youtube views and Facebook likes. An example of one of these limitations is that you cannot connect more than one Facebook account to twiends, which means that once the like limit is up, YOUR OUT OF FREE SEEDS.
  • The support team are very slow to respond and have no means of a private support ticket, so you have to share your problem with the entire community which is a little embarrassing if your issue is a delicate one such as your account being suspended. Often the support team don't even fully read you question, and in turn respond with a bad answer.

So Thats Twiends Looked At, So What About TraffUp ?

TraffUp's Advantages -

  • The site HAS NO LIMITATIONS, thats right absolutely none, which means that the amount of followers you could get is endless
  • The sites support is often very quick , with a good helpful response by email
  • The site also offers Website traffic functionality allowing you to use your credits on increasing your website's traffic
  • There seems to often be allot more credits up for grabs on this site which means one thing, MORE FOLLOWERS.

TraffUp's Disadvantages -

  • The site does not seem to have a wider community [for attracting followers anyway] than twiends, but this could because the twitter following module on the site has only just been introduced.
  • The GUI on this site is again not as good, but this isn't too much of an issue as the site is very easy to navigate
  • There are no ways to choose who you can follow, as of yet anyway.

In summary which one Is better

This is a hard call for me to choose , on one hand I think that if your after a fast boost in followers, but with a limit too how much you can have then go for twiends

But ...

If you want to be limitless then go for TraffUp

What i would suggest you doing is sign up with twiends and then once youve reached your limit go to TraffUP.

Thank you for reading this article entitled "Twiends Vs TraffUp".


Luke James


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    • john.maco profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice article Luke. I am also using and it simply rocks. However I feel traffup's layout is much better and informative than Twiends. At least here we can find who followed us and when. Btw they've introduced a new feature called retweets which is also good. Enjoy!

    • cydro profile image

      Blake Atkinson 

      7 years ago from Kentucky

      Thanks for the info! I was introduced to twiends outside of hubpages. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. Now I guess I have to try traffup!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Traffup brings more relevant followers, thought its user base is not as huge as that of twiends. But, it certainly is much better than twiends.


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