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Twilio Android Applications

Updated on September 19, 2012

Twilio Android Applications

Twilio Android Applications
Twilio Android Applications | Source

Twilio Android Apps

Twilio has introduced its android SDK a few weeks ago. Since then it reshaped the communication and gave a chance to the developers to prove themselves in Android market. It’s possible that many developers in the world might have tried to get over this thing but I believe the “Nimble Web Solutions” is the first name which is officially announcing launching its latest Twilio android apps.

They were already making Twilio based web applications and WordPress plug-ins for their clients all around the world since 2007. Now the creation of latest Twilio android apps has again made them a leader and trend setter in the development market. Their apps are already trustworthy and have been working successfully on more than 300 servers around the globe.

They have developed very brilliant Voice and SMS apps compatible with android OS, which is being used in almost 70% of today’s latest devices. Their Twilio android apps support every android version that is above 2.0. The apps can be used for making IVRs, Phone forwarding systems and Conference calling. Besides that the SMS app is able to send bulk SMS, can handle SMS marketing campaigns and can also be used for business’s internal communications. These kind of handy and quick apps empower the user to handle his multiple tasks at the same time. They are time saving and economical for the resources. Along these apps, the development team is also able to convert any communication app in to android compatible format.


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