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What Is Twitter?

Updated on October 19, 2010

What Is Twitter?

Have you ever said "Hey, What are you up to?" to a buddy? Even if the response is just laying in bed all day or playing golf with Tiger Woods, it is still intriguing to us and we need to know. It enables us be connected and feel that we are part of each other's lives. Unfortunately, most of our day to day lives are hidden from the people that care about us. Of course we have emails and phone calls to keep connected. But you would not send an email to a friend to tell them you woke up late for work but still need to stop to get coffee at Starbucks because you can't live without it. Your friend would wonder why in the world are you calling to tell me this? But what about the people that want to know about the little things that happen in your life? In reality, the most important things happen between phone calls and emails. And now, there's a way to share. Thanks to Twitter, it's possible to share short, easy to read updates regarding your daily life.

What Is Twitter
What Is Twitter

Take Advantage of Twitter

Because of Twitter you can now follow the updates of your friends and family's lives over the Internet. I will explain how this is done with a real world example: Meet our tech savvy socialite Victoria. She's crazy about her BlackBerry, reads e-mails every day, and has friends from all over the world. She recently read about Twitter and was not quite sure about its usefulness. After some of her friends kept telling her about it, she decided to give it a shot. She signed up for an account and saw that Twitter pages look a little like small blogs, with very short updates. Each page is special and has updates from friends relating to their lives. She began by finding her friends on After finding some, she started following them to see their updates on the Twitter page. Within a matter of minutes, she began to see a different side of people. For instance, she did not know that Karen in New York was an avid Yankees fan and is at the game right now. Or that Marco in Brazil was reading a new self help book and that everyone should read it. The tweets (short posts) on showed her friends and family in a different light-- something she hadn't experienced before. It was the real world.

Soon, she became a fan of Twitter, and posted updates every day. Her friends followed her updates.They could see Victoria's life between phone calls and emails. For Victoria, Twitter worked because it was simple. The tweets were short and below 140-characters. In addition, she could post updates and follow her friends on her computer and her BlackBerry. Victoria found that Twitter brought her closer to people quicker and only the price of a mere 140-characters. It is totally amazing how someone had the brilliant idea to create a website centered around the question "What are you doing?" and begin a world-wide phenomenon.


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