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Twitter, Twitter, Truth About Twitter

Updated on May 4, 2009

Seems like you are not cool, not "with it" unless you twitter this or twitter that. Let a world of strangers watch every dumb move you make.

What is Twitter, anyway?

Simple enough. It is a free social networking and  micro-blogging services based in San Francisco, CA. You tweet by writing some cryptic message in 140 letters or less. You can tell your flock of followers about news, websites, videos and music. The followers are those that have signed up to "track" you. So, when you tweet, they know. The sender can also restrict messages to the "chosen few".

What are Twitter's Best Practices?

First, the learning curve is steep, although, it seems simple on its face. I mean, you sign up and get to read and write short messages for free. Learning the details is like a maze. It critical to select the most interesting people to follow. Most do not want to read about such daily activities as, "just fed dog, meet at Starbucks". Twitter is used to inform others about websites, news, online videos. Only follow people who you want to communicate with. Don't waste your time following tweets from strangers talking about junk. Ask your twitter friends on who to follow, maybe the Jonas Brothers, Lance Armstrong, Obama. Most important is do not use the Twitter website for anything but registration. Once that is done, download a desktop client like Tweetdeck to read other people's tweets and to write your own.

Some think that Twitter is a one hit wonder. A fad made popular when celebs starting telling us about Twitter. Many think the fad is like the Pet Rock and there is no real value in a message in 140 letters or less. Some feel that by having 800 followers, they can impact them with decisions or advice and influence. There is a certain status associated with it.  But it is deceptive, many of the followers simply are those that signed up and never return, others don't read the tweets of who they are following. Still, Tweeter is used by the Center for Disease about Swine Flu, News organizations use it to deliver stories, Dell uses for ad specials. Dell had more that one million in sales from Tweets. Now wineries are sending out tweets also.  It will not be long before many of the Tweets one receives are promotions, ads and spam. Comcast uses Twitter to receive complaints from its customers.

The Twitter website was visited by 9.3 million in March! Here is the real shocker, the biggest users of Twitter are NOT the 12-30 yr olds, but their parents, the 45-55 yr. olds, the middle of the baby boomers. The age group that embraced The Beatles, Classic cars of the 60s and 70s, Happy Days TV show, Star Trek.

Actor Ashton Kutcher has 1.5 million followers but are they all really following and reading one liners?  Think again and tweet.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 8 years ago

      No question, twitter is here to stay. yeah, I found the demographics truly amazing. I thought it was 20-30yr age group who were the main users.

    • DennisBarker profile image

      DennisBarker 8 years ago from Newcastle Upon Tyne,UK

      I agree with htis advice, twitter is becoming mainstream and adding features. In a years time it will be the equivalent of facebook anthough the demographic of users you mentioned makes it far more interesting to me. A good hub.