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Twitter 101 - How to get the best out of Twitter

Updated on August 5, 2011

Basics of Twitter

Its easy to understand the human urge to communicate. We are the only living species on Earth that has formal written language besides the oral communication words. In today's day and age it is fairly easy to communicate what you feel to a large number of people in one shot. The email allows you to send personal notes to large groups of people. The blog allows you to share you feelings or expertise with anyone who wishes to read it. Twitter merely takes this need to communicate and exploits it.

What it does

Twitter is a micro blogging platform. You can share whatever it is that you want to with all your followers in 144 characters or less. It can be something as simple as your plans for the day or something as complicated as a link to a video tutorial that you came across and found useful. These words allow you to share your personal experience with the people on your follower list.

How users use it

The sentences that you share on the site are called "Tweets". You can use these tweets to talk about your personal life to no gain or to address your potential customers for great financial gain. The power of your tweets increases if you have a large number of people listed as your followers on the Twitter list. So how do you get more people on the list?

One Technique to grow your Twitter list

Your friends and acquaintances will not give your business much of a shot in the arm. You need to find potential clients who will be looking for the products or services you offer. One easy way to do so is to do a" # keyword "search on twitter. You will find a number of tweets from people looking for the keyword or discussing a related matter. Add them to your list and most of them will add you back if you have quality tweets on the subject showing on your profile on Twitter.

Naturally there are more ways to grow your list. You can add it in your digital signature on your email and make it easily accessible on your website to name a couple more techniques.

Advantages of Twitter for Marketers

If you are selling a product or service you may find it a great advantage to use your twitter account to promote your sales. The tweets that you send out to your existing and potential customers can drum up considerable sales.

Fast response

One of the biggest advantages of twitter is the fast response time that your customers have. You can send out a tweet and five minutes later have claim a sale online. If your customer has a specific query you can instantly tweet out the answer and have it available to your entire follower list.

Interaction with other users

Nothing spells confidence in your brand more than your instant responses to customers in real time. The time you spend interacting with other users on twitter gives them the feeling of dealing with a person rather than a nameless and faceless company. The intimacy is a reason many will become your customers.

Fast testing

In case you are an e-marketing professional and want to see which offer is likely to convert better you can use your tweets to do some fast testing of your own. You can use two different tweets and see which one gets you a higher rate of conversion or the more clicks.Then you will know what to offer on your website.

Perfect for Direct Marketing and Promotion Offers

If you want to offer exclusive and time bound offers to special customers you can do so using your twitter account. Want to offer a special coupon code for online purchases for 48 hours? Offer it on twitter. Want to run a contest with a great prize, which could be one of your many products? Send out a tweet and watch the contestants participate. Twitter is a boon for direct marketing to potential and existing customers. It is also a very user friendly way to push up your promotion offers.

Twitter Usage Guidelines

While it is true that Twitter can be a boon to your business it is also possible to drive away customers with it. No one wants to be hit with your tweets every five minutes selling them a product or a service. So you need to make judicious use of the tool.

Max posts per day

The object is to keep your customers and potential customers informed of the deals that you offer, not to batter them to many times that you end up being taken off their list. The maximum number of tweets per day is different for different products. If you have a contest on then maybe you can ask a question every hour for the 24 hour period of the contest. However if its just a discount being offered for a week three tweets in the morning, afternoon and evening should be enough. You will have to see what works best for your business model.

Following/followers ratio

It is essential to follow people in order to have them follow you. So a 1:1 ratio for following and followers is ideal. In case you end up following a number of people who do not follow you back it will do your business no good. So use a program to check who all are not following you about a week after you begin following them, Then unfollow these people as they are obviously not interested in following you on twitter.

Max invitations per day

You should be able to send out about ten to fifteen invitations to people to follow you each day. Make sure that you respond to the people who follow you immediately and personally. There are way too many automated twitter tools out there and you need to show them that you are different. You are human and that you actually care for the interaction that you have initiated.

Hopefully this will give you a fair idea of what twitter is all about and just how well you can put it to use.


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    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      7 years ago from London, UK

      A very informative and helpful hub. Thank you.


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