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Twitter Android - Social On The Go!

Updated on January 12, 2011

Twitter for Android

Whenever we tweet what’s happening all-around us, we tweet not just your thoughts, and also webpages, photographs, videos, location... nearly anything. Cellphones & Web 2.0 products like Twitter Android are generally significantly part of our lives, most times many of us seem to be accomplishing all but making plain ole telephonephone calls.

Looking at the news, watching a video clip, along with taking photographs during situations much like the World Cup are the things that we would anticipate ever doing on cell phones – expressing each of our things on all these very little displays must be just as quick and quickly as on the large displays.

The Android program is really good at that, and we’ve worked with the actual Android team to make it a breeze to communicate exactly what's occurring. These days we're thrilled that Twitter Android a partnered in the Market place! Twitter Apps for Google android is a great app to work with, and sending virtually any link or image is definitely seriously easy too – simply just find the share option within your favorite app and pick Twitter.

Reading through twitter posts in a no brainier inside a number of spots in your phone. Immediately get to your own time-line using the home screen widget, look at your tweet location using a map, and also see your friend’s newest tweet in your phonebook, GoogleTalk list contact list as well as virtually any program that utilizes Google's Android’s QuickContact bar.

Google will be open sourcing the the Android code utilized in this specific software in the foreseeable future. Developers will be able to use Twitter APIs in their upcoming Android apps. This really is merely the beginning. While we speak, coders are creating more and better methods to receive, get, along with share what exactly is occurring on your Google Android cell phone soon! To get the latest Twitter Android app for your Android, you can visit: http: //mobile. twitter. com/ Looking at quite a few of hand held devices it’s clear it's possible to by no means own too many Twitter applications. Check out this list of some of the most popular Twitter Andriod Apps - Enjoy!

  • Twitter -- Discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world with the official Twitter for Android app. Realtime search, trending topics and maps show what’s happening now. Tweet, .. more »twitter android -twitter
  • TWIDROYD for Twitter -- TWIDROYD (fka Twidroid) is the #1 Twitter client on Android available as a free or PRO version for all devices. Twidroyd is the only Twitter app to instantly see websites and photos> more » ...twitter android - twidroyd
  • Plume (Touiteur) -- Plume is formerly known as Touiteur. (Twitter requested that we change the name) From the creator of Beautiful Widgets - FoxyRing comes the newest Twitter app to hit the Android...more »...twitter android - plume
  • TWIDROYD PRO for Twitter -- Twidroyd PRO (fka Twidroid) is the #1 full-featured Twitter client for Android. Compared to the free version, Twidroyd PRO users will always get new features first....more>>twitter android - twidroyd pro
  • TweetDeck -- TweetDeck is your mobile browser for staying in touch with what's happening on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz. TweetDeck makes it easy to stay up to date and organized no ma.... twitter android - tweet deck
  • TwitPic Uploader -- This application uploads the photograph that exists regularly in '/sdcard/dcim/camera/' to twitpic. Moreover, uploaded URL is notified to Direct Message of twitter. Version 1.0.1 When uploading, so I have no answer to the state application ...more>>...twitter android - twit pic
  • Twitter theme For Pandahome -- Crazy home, open home, and a home (full) will not open if you dont have at least one of these. email me with problems or concerns ...more>>...twitter android - themes
  • Twitter: Link, less memory -- A simple Twitter link (with a nice Icon) to the Twitter smartphone site. You don't have to install huge Twitter apps, this link is working as good as any Twitter app. This Twitter ... more >>twitter android - link less memory
  • Breaking News Updates -- TwitterBreaking News & Updates Search By Selections from Twitter which allows users to search after specific issues and profiles on Twitters. Information and links from the search results ...twitter android - breaking new
  • FML Twitter Search -- Use Twitter to find FMLs from around the world. Use your own Twitter account to submit your own #FML for others to enjoy. Maybe your day will go better if you see the FMLs of othe... more »...twitter android - fml twitter search
  • Sms2Twitter --This application tweets the first characters (maximum length of messages is 140 characters) of all your incoming SMS messages with an optionally prepended HashTag to a configurable... more »...twitter android - sms 2
  • Geek Twitter Helper -- Help you speak like a GEEK on twitter or facebook, etc. |-|3|_|> -/0|_| 5|>34|< |_1|<3 4 633|< 0|\| 7vv1773|2 0|2 |=4(3800|<, 37(. reference: android - geek twitter
  • Water Live Wallpaper -- Twitter Live Wallpaper w Twitter visualizes the activity of your Twitter account in animated water. The more is going on the brighter and the busier the water becomes. No annoying notifica... more »...twitter android - water live wall paper
  • Twitter Search Reader -- Simple App for the Twitter Search.(Not Twitter Client App) Functions Save search keywords Save search results Send search results by e-mail Save twitter IDs and search ID's tweets ... more »... twitter android - search reader
  • Cursting (Twitter) --Let off your steam. Now! Only twitter client that is centered around curses. You want swear but could not find the word? Or maybe not creative enough? Not a problem any more. Cur... more »...twitter android - cursting twitter
  • Twigee for Twitter -- Twigee is a clean, fast, impressive and full function twitter client (API supported). *NOTE* If you have a trouble to login after update, please try to re-install *1.5.1 Change lo... more »...twitter android - twigee
  • TweetCaster for Twitter -- The #1 Twitter app for Android with the most features of ANY Twitter app! Over a million downloads! * Multiple Twitter acct support * Multiple widgets * Simultaneously post to Twi... more >>twitter android - tweetcaster
  • Swift App for Twitter --The fastest, leanest, meanest Twitter app. More features per KB than Twidroid or TwitterRide. @swiftapp -Messages, Mentions, DM, Searches, Profiles, Notifications, Conversations ...more>>...twitter android - swift
  • Twister Beta for Twitter -- Twister is new simply Twitter client for Android. Nice UI, easy to use. Tweet, send DMs, share photos and links to your friends and the world ..more>>...twitter android - twister
  • Twitsper --Twitsper is a portmanteau of the words Twitter and whisper. It highlights Twitsper's ability to limit the 'audience' for your tweets to a select group of followers. This selection of the intended audience can be made per each individual tweet ...more>>..twitter android - twitsper
  • TweetCaster Pro for Twitter -- NO-ADS VERSION: #1 Twitter app for Android with the most features of ANY Twitter app! Over a Million downloads! * Multipl e Twitter acct support * Multiple widgets * Simultaneously.. more » twitter android -- TweetCaster Pro
  • ReTweet (Twitter helper app) -- Do you dislike the native style of retweeting in the official Twitter app for Android? With ReTweet, you can easily RT the old way. Just share a tweet with ReTweet from within the ... more » twitter android - retweet
  • TweetsRide for Twitter -- TweetsRide is a simple and fast Twitter client. (formerly known as TwitterRide) v1.5.6 Auto-scroll option, OAuth Echo support, bug fixes, etc Check our website for more details. @tweetsride android - tweetsride
  • Twitter Mobile -- Check the latest tweets with this easy-to-use app. Twitter Mobile features an internal browser dedicated to browsing Twitter, to really enhance your experience! 1.1 - UI Updates twitter android - twitter mobile


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