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Twitter For Branding

Updated on December 9, 2010

Why Your Company Should Use Twitter


Twitter For Branding

Twitter is everywhere these days. They talk about it on the news, famous athletes are tweeting, every day people are using it, and businesses are using it for brand management. While some businesses really understand the power of Twitter and how it can help their brand, but others have not yet realized its potential.

Twitter provides an excellent platform for everyone from the biggest business leaders to the basement blogger to be able to have a real word connection with their customers. It’s also a powerful tool for staying up to date with the public relations for your brand.

Something as simple as a few unsatisfied customers leaving negative tweets can potentially become a public relations disaster for your brand’s reputation. Often it seems that as soon as one negative post is made, more will follow. Things can go really bad if the tweets go viral and are retweeted and are now seen by thousands of people. This is seriously damaging to your brand, especially if there is no one in the public forum to set the record straight.

Positive tweets can do wonders for increasing your brand’s reputation. They can come from a happy customer, an employee, the president of the company, or just about anyone. Similarly to the negative tweets, a positive tweet can be retweeted and can spread virally across the Web. This can do wonders for increasing your blog traffic.

There are many companies out there who can help you set up and customize your Twitter account if you are having trouble. I recommend contacting your local SEO or Web design company for assistance.


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