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Twitter Me Some Love Songs

Updated on June 25, 2013

Twitter Love Songs

Twitter is the Rage. Twitter is the Fashion. Everyone is into twitter. So we were bound to have people singing its praises. It's become a part of our lives, our culture and constantly trending statements. 

No wonder people are becoming famous writing lyrics and melodies about Twitter. Twittering goes viral by asking everyone you know to rate and comment on YouTube Videos, Vimeo and all the other platforms where videos and audios are hosted. 

I've promoted a good number of Twitter Celebrities and decided it was time to put them all into one Hub instead of spread them around. 

"The Twitter Song" (Do the Twitter Dance) by Chris Thompson

Twitter Everything Lyrics


Twitter Twitter everything...everything i see

when i go to bed..when im baking bread. sitting on bed...shoot out of oven

and even when i Pee...morning pee shot

on computer or on your phone..sitting at computer on twitter to phone

twitter what you desire...shot of grabbing banan

In 140 characters the world you can inspire - eating a banana tweet...put on jacket..scratch...HIT IT!

saw a pretty girl just the other day

she winked and she smile walked across my way

i couldnt figure out just what to say

so i twitter it...twit twit...twittered it twittered it

On twitter you retweet,twit,twhirl,and twitter it- pull stuff out of dictionary display words

dont understand these terms youre twilliterate. if you havent sign up yet you should consider it it wont even hurt a bit

now remember that girl from across the way

and i didnt know just what i should say

OH NO shes coming to talk to me

OH ill just hide behind this tree

i see you right you twitterin fiend

youshould follow me too my name is justine OOOO

Twitter Twitter everything...everything i see

when i go to bed..when im baking bread

and even when i Pee

on computer or on your phone

twitter what you desire

In 140 characters the world you can inspire

ok everybody do the twitter dance

it might look silly at your first glance

pick up your phone go from left to right

and do the twitter dance all day and all night

Look at everybody do the twitter dance

maybe look silly at your first glance

pick up your phone go from left to right

look at everybody do the twitter dance

look at everybody do the twitter dance

twitter twitter twitter

Twitter Twitter everything...everything i see

when i go to bed..when im baking bread

and even when i Pee

on computer or on your phone

twitter what you desire

In 140 characters the world you can inspire

Twitter me some Love by Marcome

Twitter me some Love (Marcomé-Marcomé)

My soul is yearning for the wisdom of the ancient world
My heart is filled with dreams of colored skies
for you and me
Ive been traveling the earth searching light
Striving through the dark clouds wanting to be free
Twitter me some love
I need your angels now
Twitter me some love / follow me / follow you
Twitter me some love
Send me a musical Kiss
Twitter me some love / follow me / follow you
Twitter me some love
I need some angels now
Twitter me some love / follow me / follow you
Twitter me some love
Send me a musical Kiss
Twitter me some love / follow me / follow you

You might think that someone a star status might not interact with the general public on Twitter, but Marcome has tweeted to me and even sent direct messages [DM]. That's why why I'm giving her a shout out here. She was inspired to write this TWITTER SONG by Reg Saddler. And she tells everyone how grateful she feels to her friends and followers on Twitter who gave her so much love and kindness. She feels proud to be alive because of her audience that supports her musical talent. "Musical Kisses for all! Marcomé xx" Discover more about Marcome's Musical world at

At the time I met Marcome, I was interviewed on an internet radio show with my friend Heshie Seigel.

"The Twitter Song" - Rockin' Robin Spoof - I'm tweeting

Haven't got the lyrics yet

THE AUDIO: I know I'm not a pro singer -- this video is fo fun. The audio is NOT autotone, it's a filter to make it sound like your on the phone! "Justine is one of the lucky ones. With 1,345,704 followers on Twitter, she got in on the ground floor, created a HIT SONG and saved a one word Twitter name.!/ijustine She used the power of Twitter to catapoult her to fame.

RandomOTS: "Twitter Song" - Gabe Bondoc

"Twitter Song" - Gabe Bondoc

.. So you're telling me..
There's a way to see..
.. what anybody's doing at any given moment?

Well, prove it.
Let me see you do it.
.. not that i don't believe..
I think I just need to see what it is..
.. how it works.
This is cool, I see the perks!
Hey, I'm always in tune now!

Oh, I'm Twittering, I'm Twittering, wow!
Check your followers, I'm following you.. starting now.
Oh, I'm Twittering, I'm Twittering, wow!
What else can I see?
I hope you're following me..

Man, everyone's on this!
I get the latest dish..
Shows that celebs are just people..
.. with normal days, I guess.

Man, this is so much fun..
I follow everyone.
Kevjumba, Happyslip, Kina, David, Olivia Munn..


Our generation has changed..
.. the way we communicate.
A hundred and 40 characters to say what you'll say.
Screamed at the top of my lungs..
This way is more efficient..
.. to show you what i'm doing.

I guess I'm always in tune now..

"Twitter Song" by Bill Zucker Facebook Twitter Myspace song about computer addiction

Don't Have Bill's Lyrics yet

Twitter Song is the Hilarious "twitter song" Parody By Bill Zucker w/ Scott Baio and Lydia Cornell about twitter facebook myspace addiction By Creator Of "World Famous" TARP SONG" VIDEO Ashton Kutcher loves it

Twitter Song by Josh Golden and Silas

THIS IS SO CUTE! Do you remember being a teenager?

Let the TWEET Rock!!/joshgoldenmusic

Mileys SAYS Good-bye Twitter With A RAP SONG

The Twitter Song

You're No One If You're Not On Twitter

Demi Moore retweeted the Twitter song. Finally I exist. ;o):

"You're No One If You're Not On Twitter" - my tribute to Twitter, the status update site that anyone who's anyone is using...

Get on Twitter and follow me at

Sean Kingston feat. Sean Paul - Follow me (Twitter Song)

VIDEO for Melissa Suzanne's TWITTER SONG!

My First Twitter Song

Do You Have A Favorite? Dated Feb 2010

Got A Favorite?

See results

Internet Use | Contemporary Addiction

Have we created a generation of children who do nothing but interact with their computers rather than with other people? Even adults today can feel the pull and tug to check their messages on email and the need to blog, play games, view the rise and fall of the stock market, make purchase, comparison shop or even gamble.

Defined in 1995, Internet Addiction even has a page on Wikipedia According to Maressa Orzack, director of the Computer Addiction Study Center at Harvard University's McLean Hospital, between 5% and 10% of Web surfers suffer some form of Web dependence.

Feeling the same tendencies as everyone else, I wrote a blog entitled, "Internet Use | Contemporary Addiction" on the website Homeopathy World Community all about this new form of addiction.


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    • Debby Bruck profile imageAUTHOR

      Debby Bruck 

      8 years ago

      Hello my dear Hello ~ Yes. Twitter is Loved and a complete addiction. Meeting so many wonderful people. Learning everything about the world, environment, cultures, news, technology. You name it. And we SHARE.

      Hi Juneaukid ~ So glad you stopped by. Doesn't it sound like fun?

    • juneaukid profile image

      Richard Francis Fleck 

      8 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      This is a new art to me--quite interesting, Thank you

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Wow, I never knew that twitter is that loved. Lovely songs. Thank you for bringing it to our attetnion.


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