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Twitter: The Rundown

Updated on January 4, 2012
  • A couple of weeks ago my father wanted to know how to use the popular social network site of Twitter. I e-mailed him back as best as I could and I thought that the information that I provided him would be good to share with anyone who had similar questions!
  • Twitter is kind of hard to explain, but I will do the best I can! Basically you just find people though that you want to follow and click follow and then all of their updates show up in your newsfeed much like Facebook. These people can be friends of yours that tweet, a business, or a celebrity. For example, I tweet back and forth with my friends all the time, but when I need a good laugh I follow the comedian, Jim Gaffigan to posts ridiculous thoughts and ideas. Also in the business world, many places will post coupons and links on their twitter for those customers that just cannot get enough!

    If you wanted to respond to someone for instance, me, you would type "@swade42 blah blah your message blah blah." The type of stuff you post on there is what is called "tweet worthy" or that is at least what popular culture likes to refer to it as! For instance, this is tweet worthy: Nail polish spilt all over me in the salon. I didn't notice until I scratched my nose and my nose was hot pink #mylifeisaseinfeldepisode

    Not tweet worthy:
    apparently no one wants to hang out with me.. no one ever asks me to hang out with them. I'm so ready to get out of here.

    Basically tweets are things that will amuse people or inform people and generally have a quick wit mentality to them.

    You may ask yourself "What in the world is a hashtag?"

    Hashtags are much like tagging a person in a post. At first you will think they are stupid (they kind of are) but you will probably learn to enjoy them and use them often. There is an example of a hasthag in the tweet worthy, #mylifeisaseinfeldepisode I generally put this hashtag at the end of my tweets that talk about something ridiculous that happened in my life. The cool thing about hashtags is that you can make them up! For instance right now I could tweet, "Teaching some Hubbers how to use twitter #complicatedtoexplain"

    It's simply additional text that serves as the pun or staple of what your saying, but you do not have to use them; it just adds more humor sometimes.

    Any more questions? Comment back at me and I will help you out the best I can! In the mean time here is a helpful tutorial site:

    Happy Tweeting!


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    • BlissfulWriter profile image

      BlissfulWriter 6 years ago

      I first learned some of the intricacies of twitter by reading Tim O'Reilly's "The Twitter Book". It is short and easy to read -- just like twitter. I would recommend that book to people who want to learn more about twitter.