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Twitter: Who Not to Follow

Updated on November 24, 2009

If you're already a Twitter user, you're probably familiar with the concept of Following and Unfollowing other Twitter users. If you're new to it, let me explain it very briefly: Your tweets show up in the timeline tweet feed of those people who are your followers. If someone is not following you, they will not see your tweets. If you are following someone, you see theirs, and if you unfollow them, they stop showing up in your Twitter tweet feed. Simple enough, right? Read on for some tips on following and unfollowing other tweeps, and how to do it effectively.

Spam followers

re are a lot of spammers on Twitter who spend lots of time following everyone and anyone they can click on. You'll be able to recognize them because they've either got highly offensive content in their tweets, or they've got nothing but product advertising in them. Do not bother following these people back, as the Twitter people will eventually ban them anyway, making it pointless to follow them.

Follow you, follow me'ers.

There are a lot of people who go round following people fairly randomly with the expectation that you will follow them back -- and if you don't do so within a day or so, they will go back and unfollow you. Therefore, if you want to weed these tweeps out, you may want to wait a couple of days before you follow them back; if they're still there, they're probably not only out to get more followers. You'll be able to spot many of these people right away as they'll have very high numbers of followers, which almost exactly matches the very high number of people they are following themselves.

Follow you, follow me, unfollow you'ers

There are also people who will follow you, wait for you to follow them back, and then immediately unfollow you. The point? To have lots of followers without having to follow many people in return -- this makes them look more popular than they are.

Marketing gurus

These people will tweet about their magic products all day long and send you multiple product affiliate links. Very annoying but necessarily spam. If someone's got guru in their bio, they're probably not worth following. They care about you or your tweets, they just want to sell you something.These peopl

People who tweet a million times a day.

Before you follow someone, take a look at how often they tweet. If they tweet nonstop, their tweets are going to fill your timeline nonstop as well. This will be annoying, believe me. You want to follow people who tweet like normal people. Someone who tweets every thought in their head is going to get on your nerves. This is especially true of people who tweet quotes all day long.


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