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How to Get More Twitter Followers for Free

Updated on June 20, 2016
Twitter followers listen to your crazy opinions
Twitter followers listen to your crazy opinions

Something You Should Know

Twitter is a fairly commonly used, versatile, and above all AWESOME social networking service that millions upon millions of people use every day. If used properly twitter can be a powerful tool to build up a network for internet marketing. It can also be used to spread your ideas, influence, and insanity but that's just us crazy people.

To make proper use of Twitter you're going to need to arm yourself with knowledge and tactics. You need a battle plan. If you aren't aware of how you're going to use Twitter before you start then it's a lot harder to switch from one form to another. For example, you can't just jump from being a daily quotes tweeter to being a celebrity retweet guru in a day and expect your followers to be happy with that.

This is the internet, everything you do is set in stone for... reasons.

Common Behaviors To Avoid

So as i said earlier, you have to know what you want to do with your Twitter before you're able to properly make use of it. However, there are certain behaviors that you should avoid at all costs no matter what you end up doing with your Twitter. These types of behaviors can pretty much end your following right then and there, or even worse give you a following that you don't really want.

  1. Do not repeat your tweets
  2. Keep you irrelevant personal life off twitter
  3. Keep your irrelevant personal opinions off twitter

Repetition is not the Key

Do not repeatedly tweet the exact same thing over and over again. Twitter is not a rap song. Okay that was a little mean, but how annoyed do you get when someone tells you the same exact thing over and over and over again? It pisses you off right? Well same song second verse. Nobody wants to hear 12 goddamn times that your dog just licked your face.

Now this doesn't mean all repetition is bad. It means that you have to moderate your repetition. Don't repost the same tweet 4 times in a 10 minute time frame but it wouldn't hurt to repost similar tweets 4 times over the course of a few days. In fact, it's quite beneficial if you're using twitter to promote a link. Just remember to use different hashtags to target a different market with each tweet.

Personal Life Should Stay Personal

Try and keep your personal life... well, personal. Put simply, I don't want to hear how you just had sex with your boyfriend, no matter what the circumstances were. If you have sex, good for you, keep it in the bedroom. The only people on twitter who want to hear the details about your sex life are your internet stalkers... and you probably don't want them to know about that in the first place.

This rule doesn't just apply to your sex life, of course. Relationships, On and off again friends, Jump offs, Affairs, if you want to tweet ONCE about these kinds of things, fine. Do not tweet every day about it or you will lose half your followers within a week (maybe more).

The exception to this rule is if you're tweeting as a supplement to a personal blog or you're an actual celebrity of some sort. Then this sort of thing has its fans. They'll be the ones sucking their thumbs and drinking dish soap in the back of the class.

Politics Turn Followers into Enemies

Unless your Twitter is based on political or racist comments, do not make political or racist remarks. Now this is kind of self explanatory so I'll just discuss the exception.

Some Twitter accounts make a lot of jokes or twisted comments and that's kinda their thing. For example, during election season I'll often joke that I'm "writing in Mr. Bubbles the monkey" because it's a well known fact among my followers... I hate politicians. A well deserved hatred too. So as long as it's all a big joke or just a twisted sarcastic remark, go ahead. Don't be serious though or the people who don't agree with you will likely stop following you, and those were sheep you could've milked for money!

In Short

Be Repetitive
Be Spontaneous
Be Overly Personal
Be Interesting
Be a Jerk
Be Nice
Understand the rules of your twitter group
Understand the rules of your twitter group

What Group Do You Fall Into?

Twitter is filled to the brim with a lot of things and a prominent one is cliques. Yup we're back in high school with the geeks and the goths... mainly because twitter is dominated by high school students. Anyway Twitter cliques are a little different from high school in that you aren't actually persecuted for being in one. Let's look at some common ones:

  1. Businesses
  2. Celebrity/Entertainment
  3. Personal
  4. Promotional

The Business Clique

The business group is self explanatory. After an initial struggle against the very idea of change, businesses eventually figured out that the world won't stop turning just because they're throwing a tantrum. To mark this rare acceptance of something new, a large number of businesses started operating on social networks and twitter is no exception.

The most common business-related tweets deal with new products, events, community service, contests, or the generic year-end company thank you to all their loyal consumers. I can't poke too much fun though considering most of them have a massive number of fans and engagements on each tweet. This likely won't be the group you end up joining.

The Celebrity and Gossip Corner

Okay do I even need to explain this one? Well if I don't I'll probably get penalized on this article for including it as a subheading. This group includes anything from actual celebrities posting their stupid opinions online for their denizens of fans to retweet and favorite to the little gossip accounts who just share links and retweet posts related to celebrities.

Surprisingly this can be a very lucrative market for a lot of different people. Especially if you have access to affiliate networks which sell products based around celebrities. Just retweet and share links related to the entertainment industry and then sneak in a few of these affiliate links every so often. It can generate a decent amount of cash if you do it right.

The Personal Tweeters

This group is comprised of people who are using twitter as it was originally intended. They use their own pictures and post their own opinions and life stories in 140 characters or less. Looking at twitter now it's rare that you'll ever find one of these anymore unless you're specifically looking for them. It may be interesting or neat to run this type of account but it won't bring in much internet cash and likely won't lead to many followers.

The Promoters

This group comprises of everyone else from the people selling a product to the ones trying to drive traffic to an article on a website. This is likely the group you're in if you're reading this article and you're the one who'll benefit the most from this article. Lucky you!

Spend this money on your golden bathtub not on a bunch of fake twitter bots
Spend this money on your golden bathtub not on a bunch of fake twitter bots

Don't Buy Twitter Followers

So you come across an article or a website that says you can get thousands, no tens of thousands, no millions of twitter followers for the low price of just $10! This is fantastic right? It cuts out all the hassle of getting your own twitter following and building up that social networking credibility for less money than it takes to buy lunch.

Except it's not fantastic at all. When you buy twitter followers what happens? A number on twitter skyrockets, right? But what really happens?

First, your twitter account is added to a big .txt file in the automated system after you're sent a confirmation mail and a thank you note. Second, that file is sent to a bot program that reads each line and sends an army of twitter bots to follow each individual account. Third, nothing else.

You see the problem here? You just paid $10 for a bunch of bots who are specifically designed to follow you and very little else. Maybe they'll occasionally retweet something or like one of your tweets but again, these are bots. They don't have a big non-bot following of their own. The only thing engagements from them equals is a number on your profile. That's not what you're using twitter for, hopefully. You want conversions, you want people to click on what you're sharing, and you want to get a return.

Have You Ever Considered Buying Followers?

See results
Advertise your twitter account anywhere and everywhere
Advertise your twitter account anywhere and everywhere

Include Your Twitter Site Everywhere!

So as promised I'll tell you about promoting your twitter account on other websites. It's an important if not vital process you'll have to go through if you want to get a large, engaging following.

  1. Forums
  2. Blogs
  3. Other Networks

Forum Profiles

Many forums these days will include special fields in your profile for social media links. The common ones are Facebook, YouTube, and Steam (for gaming forums) but there are still a good number of forums out there that let you share your twitter handle as well! Check every forum you participate in regularly and make sure you're not missing out on some of the best sources of followers you'll ever get.

Blog Posts and Comments

If you keep up with my other articles you'll know that I often recommend blog posting as a way to build backlinks to websites. Well not only can you build backlinks to a money website you can also build those links directly to your twitter profile!

Find a blog with a lot of followers and a field for your URL, Website, or Twitter Handle. Create an insightful and thought provoking post. Include your twitter link where appropriate and monitor the blog for follow-up comments. The more you engage on these blogs the more likely you are to generate some followers.

Make sure it's a blog with a topic that is relevant to your usual tweets. You don't want go get a bunch of vegan followers if your twitter is promoting nearby meat markets.

Other Networks

Duh, right? Well if it's such a duh mention, do you include your twitter on your Google+? Your Facebook? Your YouTube? What about all those social bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon? Most people don't realize the untapped potential of a lot of these social networks and completely ignore them. Well, if they're going to be so kind might as well take advantage of it right?

Engage with others and they may return the favor
Engage with others and they may return the favor

Engage With Others in Your Niche

Twitter gives you some amazing tools that already allows you to engage with others in your niche and possibly get noticed in return. The helpful engagements include:

  2. Mentions
  3. Replies


These allow you to take someone else's tweet, add a bit of content or commentary to it, and post it up on your own profile for your own followers to see. So it gives your own followers a fresh perspective and gives the target a reason to take a look at your profile and tweets. This doesn't always end in a reciprocal action but it can help.


These allow you to craft your own little tweet but include someone as a target of the tweet. So you could make fun of EA or Microsoft and get some validation that a lowly employee that monitors their social media account might see it! Or you could use it for twitter promotion purposes. Anything from drawing an infographic for a company to drawing some fan art for a YouTuber can get you some engagements on your tweets from more popular accounts which can lead to more followers and a bigger advertisement base.


These are just like mentions but instead of targeting someone with a tweet you directly answer one of their tweets. Everyone has a question every now and again and sometimes a fellow tweeter will ask a question that you have the answer to. Answering the question concisely in only 140 characters can net you a handful of followers each time you do it.

Twitter is a long process, don't aim for short goals
Twitter is a long process, don't aim for short goals

A Final Note

Don't give up. Twitter is a long road but it's not as difficult as it seems. You have to have patience to really start to see the benefits of having a varied and large twitter following but once you give up you'll lose everything you worked for in an instant.

Just remember what you've learned here and remember why you started a Twitter account and you'll be fine, if you start to forget why you started it take a look at your username... hey if your username is something like "seo link juice" it's pretty damn obvious why you started the account.

© 2012 Michael Ward


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    • Lesa Densmore profile image

      Lesa Densmore Addictions Consultant and Coach 2 days ago from Windsor, New York

      Thanks for this. It was very helpful information!

    • profile image

      tormaline 4 years ago

      thanks this was a very helpful article. please write more!

    • momswearyourtees profile image

      Scarlet Paolicchi 5 years ago from Nashville

      I love twitter and these are all great tips. I have a large following and I think it is because I genuinely enjoy using Twitter.

    • profile image

      jimmyparker82 5 years ago

      WELL .... very nice post.

      Very informative article I ever read.It will definatly helps in increasing my tweeter profile followers... :)

    • profile image

      makeupoohlala 5 years ago

      I saw this on yahoo...i am so at loss as to how I get more followers...I only have two :(

    • sabrani44 profile image

      sabrani44 5 years ago

      Great hub, thanks for sharing.

    • CrescentSkies profile image

      Michael Ward 5 years ago from Texas

      If you're not getting a lot of referral traffic via your blogs or hubs try getting them indexed by Google. Post comments on CommentLuv enabled blogs using your hubpages profile as your website. That should get you at least views on your articles and blogs, the rest is up to the content whether it gets you affiliate traffic.

    • davenstan profile image

      Katina Davenport 5 years ago

      Twitter is a hard egg to crack. I don't get any referrals to by blocs or hubs, but I get plenty of affiliate traffic from Twitter. Go figure. Sharing this one with my Twitter followers. Hope it brings you loads of traffic.


    • Robert Erich profile image

      Robert Erich 5 years ago from California

      There are some great tips here! You write some incredible hubs. Thanks for posting and I will take some of these points to heart. I will also have to check out that 5minuesfame website. That sounds pretty funny.

      Thanks for posting!

    • Sparklea profile image

      Sparklea 5 years ago from Upstate New York

      THANK YOU for a very informative hub. There's alot I do not understand about Twitter, I am not a "High Tech" person. You took alot of time to write this, and so appreciate it. This will help many, many people. Blessings, Sparklea :)

    • cynthtggt profile image

      Cynthia Taggart 6 years ago from New York, NY

      No, I don't care about stars. I received a tweet about my blog. I have 7 followers on twitter and when I do a post I tweet them about it. That's all. Only one follower is an assistant to a star. I want more people to see my hubs though. I am new at this. I think that I have not given enough "tags" to my articles. I notice you have a lot so I will try to add more. Thanks for replying.

    • CrescentSkies profile image

      Michael Ward 6 years ago from Texas

      Well it's fine if you're replying to them, but tweeting to stars to try and get them to follow you makes you look desperate and if you're trying to promote yourself that's the last thing you want.

    • cynthtggt profile image

      Cynthia Taggart 6 years ago from New York, NY

      Voted up. I received a tweet from an assistant to a star. I tweeted back a link to another entry on my blog. You said not to tweet stars. Why?

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      What a great Twitter guide! Well done encouragement--thanks.

    • kgala0405 profile image

      Kevin Galarneau 6 years ago from Michigan

      Voted up, marked interesting and shared. Thanks for making this hub, its super easy to follow and makes for a good reference hub.