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Two of the Best Weather Apps

Updated on August 14, 2017

In a world where the App store is a frequently visited place for your cell phone, weather apps, like others, are plentiful. However, many use the power of the cell phone to be overly artsy with cool visuals and just some weather data. Others, provide the data lack the glitzy presentation we love.

There are two apps that do both and give hardcore weather aficionados the details they want, these are:

  • Weather Underground (WU)
  • Windy

WU has been around a long time. It is a detailed real-time look at the weather in your area that can be customized to your specific area. It provides detailed weather forecasts by day and hour in graph format, radar, satellite, storm tracking, screen capture of the weather event. It is very accurate most of the time for when it is suppose to rain in your area. If you use the free version, you do have some ads, while the paid version, there are none.

WINDY is a much newer weather app. It has the glitzy, sleek, graphics one expects with a cell phone\computer. It manages to provide just about everything a weather expert might want that even WU does not provide. The user can elect what information they deem important to them. It provides a detailed weather forecast and even shows you where fog is along the coastline, amazing! Its daily weather forecasts show, in three hour increments, what the conditions will be. Windy is known for its ability to show wind patterns using constantly moving arrows, very cool. It shows you ocean temps, three different levels of cloud cover, humidity, air pressure, wave height, and swells. It uses color to show the variations in the data within each category and most of the time it is accurate (as they use local airport weather and other sources in the area you designate).

Between the two apps, you will get the most accurate reports as weather can change fast in places like Florida. Between the two apps, I have found that WU is incredibly accurate for storm tracking and rain forecasts, more than Windy is. But Windy offers a plethora of information and its three levels of clouds provides a very good picture, not mention ocean temps, waves, and swells. Showing wind patterns allows one to see how storms may be headed your way. Visually, Windy is superior to WU, while WU is more accurate in forecasting.

Having both on your phone or computer is the answer!

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A portion of WIndy showing light rain.
A portion of WIndy showing light rain.
A portion of WIndy showing light rain.


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