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Types Of Keyboards

Updated on October 22, 2011

Due to an essential for various models of PC keyboards, producers have produced a huge sort that ranks from simple to complex multimedia system keyboards.

These PC keyboards holds different features and even many renders short cuts to the applications like e-mail, another keyboard admits an individual to gain access application programs like media-players.

Basic PC Keyboard

A basic PC keyboard is a keyboard that doesn't have any upgraded benefits and has only eighty-four keys.

The layout is similar to a type-writer with extra keys and benefits are allowed to use applications like e-mail and processing written documents.

Multimedia Keyboard
Multimedia Keyboard

Multimedia Keyboard

The multimedia PC keyboard has the one hundred and one keys and the keys are frequently related to shortcuts or hot-keys.

Certain multimedia keyboards bear one hundred and four keys and those devices allow a lot of benefits about a keyboard with one hundred and one keys.

Multimedia keyboards bear additional benefits like a separate number-pad, caps-lock key, shift-lock keys and short-cut keys to lead you to built-in multimedia applications. An alternative to enable the sticky-keys function is as well catered on upgraded keyboards.

Wireless Keyboards

The biggest difference among a wireless keyboard and an ordinary one is that the first one uses an infrared light beams to transfer information to the PC as unlike the later mentioned, which utilizes a cable.

As you type in, a stream of information is transmitted from your keyboard to a receiving system on the PC. The great advantage is that it eliminates the hassle of a cable that gets entangled in wires behind your system.

A lot of people as well would like to bear a wireless computer mouse along with a wireless keyboard.

Apple's Ergonomic Split Keyboard
Apple's Ergonomic Split Keyboard

Ergonomic Keyboard

An ergonomic PC keyboard bears an exceptional design that simplifies to place the hands at a normal position while using keyboard. This keyboard is perfect for the person who sits before the PC for three hours or more daily or for the person who bear wrist joint troubles.

Types Of Ergonomic Keyboards

  • The Split Keyboard

    There are various models of secondary ergonomic keyboards. One is Split Keyboard. This type is the most beneficial choice if a person would like to lose the risk of Ulnar Deviation. Ulnar Deviation is a posture of the wrist joint where the wrist joints are being bent on to the side, towards the "little-finger".

    This is not a neutralized posture thus adds to the pains and strain of certain muscles. They as well as step-up friction felt by the tendons, for the most part at the region of the thumb.

    These add up pressure level to the nerves that flow to the wrist joints. Split keyboards bear different key preference that manoeuvres the wrist joints so that they are straightened rather than bended sideways.

Illuminated Keyboard
Illuminated Keyboard
  • The Tented Keyboard

    Other secondary type ergonomic keyboard is the Tented Keyboard. These are a little bit more advanced than the Split Keyboard. Apart from treating Ulnar Deviation, it is also formed to rectify one more problem which is Pronation.

    This type of posture goes around the hands inward to the thumb fingers which bend the forearms in the process. The Tented Keyboard tries to remediate this sort of position by allowing the limbs of the user to work at some angles directed toward each another.

Illuminated Keyboards

Much like cell phone keyboards, these keyboards have back lights so the keys are more viewable even in dim lighted circumstances. Frequently, while working ate night times, you might like to act exclusive with the illumination of the monitoring device.

An illuminated keyboard would become just the thing for you with such a situation. They are also good for multimedia demonstrations in council chambers with dull lighting. While purchasing an illuminated keyboard, check out for the choices of being capable to switch off the luminance when not necessary and to set the degree of brightness level.

Foldable Keyboard
Foldable Keyboard

Placement Of Keyboard

The keyboard should not be positioned directly. Do not seat in a stiff posture. Do not incline towards the computer while typing.


Many producers are producing keyboards that come out with different conditions, sizes of it and colourings. Conventional keyboards would become smaller as the size of a conventional PC shrink to Pocket size.

There are also Foldable Keyboards available in the market that can give you portable experience of a conventional keyboard.

Some producers allow keyboards that have a built-in light source and those keyboards are perfect to utilise at nighttimes while outside lights are dull or turned off.


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    • profile image

      add-on keyboard INFORMATION NEEDED 

      8 years ago

      add-on keyboard INFORMATION NEEDED

    • PreetSaluja profile image


      8 years ago

      Thanks for the share. Voted up! :)

    • Set's All Set profile image

      Set's All Set 

      9 years ago from New England

      lots of people have been using mechanical keyboards for years. They are certainly the best keyboards you can buy. They last much longer than the cheap rubber-dome key switches you find on department store keyboards.

    • dablufox profile image


      9 years ago from Australia

      I love trying different keyboards. Currently I am using an ultra slimline illuminated keyboard I like the idea of a soft foldable keyboard keyboard as well, choices, choices.


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