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Types Of Monitors

Updated on October 22, 2011

Monitors are one out of three most important parts of computer; rest of the two are keyboard and Central Processing Unit. Monitors are more commonly referred as display screen.

These days, monitors available in markets are of many different kinds; unlike older days, when people do not have options other than CRT Monitors.

Advent of new technologies have made monitors more compact, more eye friendly and easy to use. Take the example of LCD, Plasma, DLP, touch screen and other modified kinds of monitors and display devices.

Before going on the types of monitors, let us have a little introduction what monitors are and how they work. Monitors are referred to as visual display unit for computer systems. 

Monitors are, in usual, assembled using an enclosure, circuitry and display device.

Monitors are available in different sizes; their sizes are measured as from the diagonal of the rectangular screen.

Monitors are available from 12” to 42”, which you can pick according to your needs and space you have.

Here, in this piece of writing, we would be discussing some types of monitors. Some of which are not more in use, while some can be found easily, on the other hand, few are used for commercial or special purposes only.

CRT Monitor
CRT Monitor
42" LCD Monitor
42" LCD Monitor

CRT Monitors

Cathode Ray Tube, or in simpler words CRT, are oldest among all available models these days. These monitors function on the old cathode ray tube phenomena.

The best thing in CRTs is that they are easily available and are in cheaper in price. These monitors have high dynamic range and remarkable color and resolutions with excellent viewing angles.

These monitors allow the use of external devices like light pens and light guns. One of the drawbacks of these monitors is their weight and another is their size. 

They consume more power, like many other old electrical and electronic appliances. That is why, experts on energy do not advice to buy CRT.

LCD Monitors

Liquid crystal display monitors are not the latest but the later version than CRT monitors. Unlike CRT monitors, these monitors are compact and slim.

These monitors do consume low and almost have no dependency on backlight technology. Due to its quality of consuming low power and compact in shape and size, it has been well adapted in the time when energy efficiency is the main concern.

In spite of all these technological modest characteristics, these monitors have limited viewing angles, colors, and contrasts. Issues like bleeding and distorting brightness from edges and some more related issues have been reported in some models.

Plasma Monitor
Plasma Monitor
SED Monitors
SED Monitors
OLED Display
OLED Display

Plasma Monitors

Plasma screen and/or plasma monitors are considered as high contrast screen with bright, vibrant colors and brightness that claims to make your visual experience worthwhile.

It works on plasma discharge on almost ideally flat panel of glass. The discharge is composed of xenon and neon without any use of mercury in it.  Plasma monitors are in, mainly because of their excellent and remarkable viewing angles, color saturation, and contrasts.

In comparison with LCD, Plasma monitors have less blocky-looking picture. However, Plasmas are heavy in weight and available in larger dimensions only.

These kinds of monitors do easily suffer image burn-in. Unlike other monitors like CRT, Plasma monitors do not allow use of optical objects like lights pens and light guns.

SED Monitors

SED is abbreviated form of Surface-conducted electron-emitted display. These are high resolution and flat penal display screens. Some of these display units are even more than 40 inches in diagonal measurements.

These display units are composed from an electron-emitting array and layer of phosphorus. Array and layer of phosphorus are separated by thin sheet that allows air to pass. SED consumes less energy in comparison with CRT and it gives higher resolution picture.

Other Monitors

Other than, all mentioned types of monitors there are Digital Light Processing Monitors, these monitors are also known as projectors and digital projectors. It works on Digital Light processing phenomena.

Another type of monitor is organic light-emitting diode monitors. This term is abbreviated as OLED monitors. This is in actual a thin film of light-emitting diode, which we all knows as LEDs.

Other than that, there are touch screen monitors, digital displays and projector displays used for commercial and special purposes.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Types of monitors used in these day

    • profile image

      jervaunie lionel 

      5 years ago

      thats amazing

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      5 years ago

      thanks for good lecture

    • profile image

      HAMZA GUL 

      5 years ago


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      8 years ago

      this is very bad parts of monitor

    • profile image

      A Y I 

      8 years ago


    • profile image

      Elimringi moshi 

      8 years ago

      MONITOR: A device that display the informations generated by computer through video card.... Three(3) main types of monitor includes 1.Cathode ray tube (CRT) 2.Liquid crystal Dislay (LCD) and 3.Thin film transistor (TFT), where the Hell is TFT? Baadae sana!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      There are two types of monitor

      (1) CRT

      (2) LCD / LED

    • profile image


      8 years ago


    • profile image


      8 years ago

      give at least 20 part of monitor

    • profile image

      Hafizurrahman Aasim 

      8 years ago

      Thanks, really it was so useful and beneficial.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      what are name of monitor we have


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