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Sample USB Color Code Pictorial Diagram

Updated on July 3, 2017

USB Usage Everyday

Every day we use USB Technology.

Things may happen when we accidentally pull the USB cord of our USB charger phone or tablet.

This will be a big problem.

We have the USB wire colors in a skinned USB cable wire.,
We have the USB wire colors in a skinned USB cable wire., | Source

The Need To Know About USB Technology

We need to know the USB cable inside that little thick wire.

We can cut it and give it a go for just a curiosity and boom, there goes the four wires.

Common USB wires have four wires inside.

These wires have USB color code.

This USB color coding and wiring corresponds on what kind of electric circuit or data passing through it.

Buying A USB Cable for Charger or Digital Camera

I bought a USB cable for my phone charger at the same time my digital camera connector from my device to the personal computer.

This happens when you get excited.

I torn away my USB wire cable and I think I disconnected the some of the four wires inside it.


USB Wiring Color Code

USB wiring color code could be seen in our USB color code pictorial diagram shown here.

The USB cable color code differs with some manufacturing production but we have here in the pictorial diagram, the common USB wire color code.

See our photo example below.

How often do you use USB?

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The Color Code of USB A Type Cable
The Color Code of USB A Type Cable | Source

USB cable wire and color code with data wires

USB cable wire and color code, as shown in the photo have red, black, green and white wires. In this type of USB, you can be sure that red wire is the positive wire in 5 volts pressure, black wire is the negative wire or the ground wire and data wires.

If we say data wires, these are the white wire and the green wire inside the USB cable. Green wire is the negative data wire wherein white wire is the positive data wire.

USB wire cable of red, black, white and green wire combination.
USB wire cable of red, black, white and green wire combination. | Source

No Need To Buy A New One

In this very clear pictorial diagram of USB color coded wires, you are sure that you can connect your torn USB cable at home.

And for that, you can again use your USB cable without buying a new one.

Thank you. Please suggest or comment below for more details about the topic. More power!

© 2014 Mark Johann


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