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USB missile launcher review

Updated on October 3, 2011

Have you ever wanted to turn your office or room into a funny battleground? I don not mean the real one, but one using a little device called USB missile launcher. This funny little device is one of many of USB toys and it has gathered tremendous apeal over the years. The fun part is you can just place this in your office or home and give your colleagues or friends a surprise attack. There are many toys out there but this is my favorite one.

Usb missile launcher is not just for kids. Actually many whitecollars love to play this in their spare time and playing tricks at their friends. It works very simple. There are three missiles attached to it and it can be fired one after another. Don not worry, the darts or the missiles are made of foam or plastic so there are few chances that anyone can get hurt. Each gadget comes with a software telling you how to play so you just have to learn the software in order to launch it. The software works pretty cool so anyone with basic computer knowledge can master it without a problem. To launch the missile, you just have to click on the button of your mouse, it can literally hit the target 15 feet away. The speed of the darts is so quick that almost anyone can not escape its range. When you control this gadget, it makes funny noise resembling machine and real explosion sound. It gives kind of real sense to the toy and makes it wanted to everybody. If you dislike the sound, just turn off the speaker and everything can be operated under anonymous and people got hit being unnoticed. The best thing is you can turn it 360 degrees and move up and down to target your victim.

The usb missile launcher is easy to play and the software is easy to install and use. You just have to run it on any computer platform like windows XP, vista or 7, sometimes if it does not work, you have got to install the driver package. Each device comes with manual, driver and software so you don not have to worry about anything. The price is really affordable and a few ten bucks is for one. You can find it on amazon store but I already picked the best ones for you. Be free to visit my website USB missile launcher reviews for more information.


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