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How to Explain the USB to USB device

Updated on March 5, 2014
USB device - netbook cooling fan front site view
USB device - netbook cooling fan front site view | Source

Gadgets these days are almost all driven by USB. USB to any other devices are common and reliable. So, what do we mean by usb to usb devices? This is a misconception, actually. USB to USB does not exist. We may say USB to any other devices or it could USB to USB female adaptor.

The USB connector has three parts namely the USB male adaptor, the connector or the wire and the device adaptor which may differ depending on the particular device.

“USB to USB” is also not accepted term because we need to specify what kind of USB driven device we have for a specific functionality.

USB on the inside part has lots of wires. It has four wires for voltage, ground, data minus and data positive. Taking a look of set of colors of wires from a USB, we can see four wires with Orange, White, Blue and Green. Orange is for positive wire in 5 volts. White is the negative wire or the ground wire. Blue and green are the data wires in positive and negative.

The USB to connect fan or cooling fan for your laptop is only using the electric power present inside the USB.

USB A is some kind of a TYPE A form of USB. So what is USB? USB stands for Universal Serial Bus.

USB to com or USB to computer means that you are using USB connector to transmit information from your device like digital camera, video camera, Ipad and others (gadgets) to your personal computer or PC.

USB device - netbook cooling fan back side view (folding style)
USB device - netbook cooling fan back side view (folding style) | Source

USB cables, connectors, cords and wires are always the same. They have four wires inside.

USB to USB adapter also means that the junction of the USB to other connectors is joined by another USB adapter. Particularly, this is to provide longer cord for designed operation. Considerably, this is the use of male USB adapter and the female USB adapter.

USB 3 or USB 3.0 is the latest USB version so far.

No matter what USB version you have, they always have four wires or four pins inside. Normally the colors are red, black, white and green.

USB TO USB Devices
USB TO USB Devices | Source

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