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USB Wire Color Code - The Four Wires Inside

Updated on August 8, 2019

USB wiring inside a USB is just simple.

The common wires are always red, black, white and green.

This hub explains more about the color coding of an ordinary USB cable.

USB cables these days are very common and very useful in our daily lives.

USB cable has the best capability to move or copy files from PC to PC or from any electronics devices.

USB cable has four wires inside.

Most USB cable failure or defects are just right at the four wires inside your USB. Inside each wire has copper wire or the conducting material for transmitting signal purposes.

We will detail all the wires inside your USB.

You don't need to buy a new USB cable.

Unfortunately, some USB cable users tend to buy new electronic device (digital camera, video camera, USB charged cellphone, USB cable copy device, etc.)

They buy new device because sometimes, they thought that the device is defective when only the USB cable has some loss connection.

USB wire color code - The four wires inside
USB wire color code - The four wires inside | Source

Now, in this article, we will know how to detect and reconnect the wires inside the USB cable because it is just very easy. It has only four wires. We will explain more in this hub on how to connect the same color coding of wire inside a USB.

It is easy to connect the wires inside your USB cable if you know the colors there. Basically, if you find that the red wire is disconnected just skin it or remove the insulator of the wire and connect to the same color itself. It is just as easy as that.

You can use soldering iron and soldering lead to fix the connection properly by heat.

Know that the colors of wire inside a USB have various designations for their function. Inside the four wires of a USB has a bronze material which is the conductor to have the proper and complete connection of the circuit.

The four (4) wires inside a USB

It has been mentioned in my previous hub but to clarify more, this hub is made. Now, what are the four wires inside the USB cable?

Color Coding of Wires inside the USB cable:

1. RED Wire - The red wire is the positive wire which means that the power lies on this wire. Any USB powered devices rely on this wire. In some action movies, you may see that to defuse the bomb is to cut the red wire always. This is the live wire. This is the plus sign or the + sign of a wire. The voltage of this wire is just not destructive because it is just 5 volts. This 5-volt wire is in DC or direct current.

2. Black Wire - The red wire is the power but without the black wire which is the ground wire, the red wire cannot function. This ground wire or the negative wire is the wire just to complete the circuit of a certain electronic device. These two wires, the red wire and the blue wire, are the power wires for your USB device.

USB wire color code - The four wires inside. The most common USB problem.
USB wire color code - The four wires inside. The most common USB problem. | Source

3. White Wire - We have the power wires which are the red wire and the black wire. Now, to have the communication with the PC or any electronic device, we need a pathway to transmit the data. Some data must be move to some devices so that you can perform your job well. The white wire served as the data transmitter or the wire where data is moved through the wire. This white wire is the data in negative or in other words data - and this means that there should be an opposite wire for this to have a complete circuit.

4. Green Wire - Green wire is the important wire to complete the circuit of white wire. Green wire is the negative wire for data or the DATA + (data plus). This means that green wire is the pathway for the copying or moving your files from and to the PC device or for some electronic devices.

Giving this simple hub, I suggest making your own repair with your USB. The power wires, the red wire and the black wire are very important in a USB device.

You can even make a small fan or humidifier just by connecting the two power wires of a USB. This is the positive wire and the negative wire. We have here the red wire and the black wire.

The color coding of the wires mentioned above are very helpful in the repair of your PC device that uses USB cable. This is a repair just right from your hands.

Addiotional photo of USB wires and color code
Addiotional photo of USB wires and color code | Source
The USB set of wires in some manufactorer
The USB set of wires in some manufactorer | Source

The color coding of the wires mentioned are very helpful in the repair of your PC device that uses USB cable. This is a repair just right from your hands.

What monitor you and your friends use these days?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Mark Johann


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    • Mark Johann profile imageAUTHOR

      Mark Johann 

      6 years ago from New Zealand

      @dahoglund Don't worry because I am here to help you. Thanks for dropping by. It is better to repair than buying a new one.

      @chefsref Thanks for voting up Lee. I agree with you absolutely. If there will be problems about USB. Just ask me. Thank you.

    • chefsref profile image

      Lee Raynor 

      6 years ago from Citra Florida

      Hey Mark

      This will be useful in the future. Usually we have to buy an expensive book and wade through a lot of info to reach the info we wanted.

      Voted up


    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 

      6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      I am not a technical person but I find thi kind of information good to know in case I should need to recognize a problem with the USB.

    • Mark Johann profile imageAUTHOR

      Mark Johann 

      6 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi billybuc, thanks for saying those words. You make me write more hubs. You actually inspire me from your hubs.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      6 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I think, Mark, that over time these articles will do well on the web. Be patient and wait for them to cycle through the internet. I think the views will come because they are filled with valuable information that many people want to know.


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