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12 Ultimate Google Tricks That You Din't Know Existed!

Updated on August 9, 2017

Spotting the right specific result from among the million search results google might probably cater, is often a tough row to hoe for the new kids on the block.But once you explore these little search tricks I am explaining here, your search process would certainly become a lot more fun and easy. In addition, some fun tricks on google too are included that you can try out when your friends are around and they'll be singing praises of you!

So here we go :

1) Searching Topics Within A Specific Site

Not all sites offer a decent search feature within them.Fret no more.Google's help is at hand.You can search for the required topic that to wish to find within a particular site from within the google search bar.For this,just enter the site name and keyword in the following format : site: siteaddress search word/search phrase .For example,if I need to find my article haptic technology with the site, then I can go on and type " haptic technology" (without quotation marks).

2) Searching Similar Sites

Google encompasses a feature wherein it enables a user to find websites similar in nature or subjects as that to the one entered in the search bar.Just enter "related:" followed by the site name for which we wish to look up similar other sites.For example,if I need to find search engines similar to that of google, I can enter "" (without spaces or quotation marks) and google will display all of its competitors just like in the image below!

3) Google Will Guess It For You!

Ever felt annoyed when you forgot a part of the key phrase you wished to search for?Don't feel distressed.Google is here to help you out.If you have forgotten any part of the phrase,you can just leave it blank or replace that forgotten part with a wildcard ( * ) and hit enter and google will guess the phrase right for you.For instance, if I forgot the word "little" in the phrase "Twinkle twinkle little star",then I can very well go on and type "Twinkle twinkle * star " or "Twinkle twinkle star" (without *) and google will do the rest.

4) Spot Similar Images

U will never ever get fooled by fake facebook profile images.With the power of google, bogus accounts can easily be recognised.Similarly, you can also look up for similar images available on the net.This technique, also known as "reverse image search" will help you find the product name and additional details of the image that you have inserted in the search bar.To do this, follow the steps as below :

  • Copy the image URL of the picture(let it be the facebook profile image you wish to verify the credibility of, or any other image), by right-clicking on the image and selecting "Copy image URL" from it,as shown below (to illustrate, I've chosen a random image from google images since I no longer have a facebook account).

  • Then, go to google, switch to images mode and now you will see a camera icon at the right end of your search bar.Click on it.

  • Now two options will be displayed.From among them, choose the option "Paste image URL" and it will appear like this :

  • In the search bar that now appears, just paste the URL of the image you had copied earlier and google will display a list of visually similar images.And there you are!You have caught the culprit!

  • Similarly, you can also upload an image that resides on your computer or laptop and you can check if details regarding it are available on google.

5) Categorising Images To Specific Types

There may be times when you need to search for images belonging to a specific category only.That is, you may want google to list only images that are large in size or that are clip arts or only human faces.For instance, you may type in the word "Orange" and you want to tell google "okay, now I need you to list only the images of humans with the name Orange rather than displaying images of orange fruit".This is possible with the advanced search tools google provide which most times go unnoticed by the normal users.As an example, I may want google to display images of Mickey Mouse that are large enough.I can do this sort of a search by selecting the option "Search Tools" which appears just below the search bar in the images mode.

Similarly, you can also refine the search for words or phrases or images using Google Advanced Search.

6) What Time Is It There?

Often, when chatting with my friends abroad, I amaze them by predicting what exactly the time it is at their locality, at the drop of a hat.Some of them never know how I do it, even today.When google is at your hand, nothing is impossible!If you need to know what time is it in any country, just go ahead and type "What time is it in " followed by the country name.For example, if I need to know what time it is in Switzerland right now, I just need to type in "What time is it in Switzerland" and the present time in Switzerland will be displayed in a neat format as below :

7) Conversion Between Units

From within the google search bar, we can convert a figure from one unit to another.Almost all sorts of conversions are possible in this fashion.For instance, if I need to convert 6 feet 2 inches to centimetres, then I can type in "6.2 feet in cm" and the result will be displayed instantly.Likewise, you can even convert the values from one currency unit to another.

8) Omit Certain Words From The Results

If ever you need to exclude a certain word from the list of results google displays, you can do so by using a hyphen( - ) prior to that word you wish to avoid.For instance, if you want google to display all names with the word Charlie but want to exclude Chaplin or give Chaplin lesser priority, then you can type in "Charlie -Chaplin" (notice the hyphen before the word "Chaplin" without any space in between them).However, it is not guaranteed that it will always exclude those words completely from the search results that it return.

9) Google Knowledge Cards

Google has always been keen on improving the quality of service they provide to their customers and as a part of it, one of the latest additions they have brought in is what is known as the knowledge cards.To see what it is, just go to google and search some general queries like "What is the height of Taj Mahal" and you would be astonished to see that the exact answer appears emphasised in the form of a card like in the image below.

This implies that the person searching will not have to click on any link and go to any particular website to get the results he/she needs.Alternately you may also search something like "waterfalls in Australia" and see the way the search results appear on top of the google search engine results page.Pretty interesting and brainy move from google isn't it?!

10) Google Alarm

Ever thought what you would do if your cellphone ran out of charge in the middle of the night and you had never bothered to have a timepiece to set alarm just because you had your cell phone by your side expecting it would never cheat you?No need to rack your brains.Google has an alarm facility too!Quite unbelievable right?Yes, it's true.Just go to google and type "set timer" and hit enter.You will be presented with a timer that can be set manually.Once the timer counts down to zero, an irritating alarm beep will be generated.Turn up your volume,set the timer and hit the hay right away with little worries.Google is keeping awake counting down!

11) Toggling Google Instant Search On/Off

While searching something on google at least some of us might have really been annoyed by what is called as "Google Instant".What it just means is, we will start seeing results (not suggestions) as we type, even before we have completed our query and pressed enter, which at times might land us in trouble (you know it!).Very few know that this can be turned off right? Even I didn't know until I read it in a blog.To do this, go to the google homepage ( and you will see many menus among which you can find "settings" (refer image below).

Click on it and choose "Search Settings" from among the menus that get listed up.You will reach a new window.Under "Google Instant Predictions", you have three options :

  • Only when my computer is fast enough - choose this if you would prefer having the feature enabled while the internet connection is fast enough to deliver results instantly without any delay or stalling.
  • Always show Instant results - If you would like to turn the feature ON
  • Never show Instant results - If you would like to turn the feature OFF

You may choose any option that suits your convenience and that's all you need to do.

12) Google Goes Crazy!

Now, what about having some fun when your friends are around?Or what would you prefer to do to refresh yourself while on a break between your studies or getting exhausted from your long hours of work in the office?Or looking for some quick ways to impress that special person when he/she's around and you are on the net?Google provides the apt solution here too! In addition, google can crack jokes too! Bookmark these links or you can even by heart at least some of them.Here we go :

  • Type in "Where is Chuck Norris" and press on "I'm feeling Lucky" and see what happens.Even google fears him it seems!

♦ Try typing in "zerg rush" (without quotation marks) and be ready to defend your "search-result-refugees" from their enemies!Similarly try these out as well :

• Type "tilt" (without quotation marks) and hit enter and see what happens

• Try typing "Do a barrel roll" and hold your PC tight! It's gonna go for a roll!

• Go to google images and in the search bar, type "Atari breakout" (without quotation marks), hit enter and wait for some time.You are gonna love it!

• In google, type "google sphere" and press "I'm feeling lucky" and watch it spin!

♦ In the regular google search bar,type in "lmgtfy" and click "I'm feeling lucky".A new search bar appears.Type in something there.For instance, type in your name and press enter.You will be provided with a URL just below the search bar.Copy that URL and close the tab.Now you may call all your friends beside and just open another tab,paste the URL in the address bar and press enter.Be ready to receive some appraisals!

♦ Ever wondered how google used to process user requests in the 80's?The answer is here.Not only can you see it but also experience it! Just google "google mirror".Together with it some other cool themes and doodles too can be seen just on top of the google logo.Don't forget to check them all and enjoy.

The tricks and links presented above are only a few from among the myriad of tricks, possibilities and shortcuts google possesses.I believe it will help you make your search a lot more interesting in the future.The same tricks can be learned from various other sites too but here, I have summarised the most important and the most sought after shortcuts and tricks.I hope you liked it.Feel free to ask me any doubt regarding these tricks presented here.Happy googling!

Do u feel like you are equipped with more tricks after reading this article?

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    • arunsiv profile image

      Arun Sivaraj 4 years ago from Trivandrum Kerala IN

      First of all I apologize for the late reply.Actually,I got a job and was so busy with the training that I seldom get time to surf hubpages.Now I'm back and hope I'll be able to continue with my articles amidst my job schedules from hereon.Thanks a lot teaches12345 for another comment on my articles.I hope these tips will certainly help the beginners to make their search process simpler.Thanks for your support mam.And thanks Shyron for your appraisals too...Really like your articles.Keep going :) God Bless both... :)

    • Shyron E Shenko profile image

      Shyron E Shenko 4 years ago from Texas

      Welcome to HP arunsiv, there is a lot of good information in you hub. It looks like you are off to a good start.

      P.S. Thanks for the follow.

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 4 years ago

      This is very helpful to the novice. I use it regularly and these tips are ones that I will store away for getter search results.