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Ultimate Way to Protect Passwords or Sensitive Data

Updated on April 9, 2017


Protecting the sensitive information over the internet or even local PCs is one of the most important issues that makes sense to you, but not to others. There are some special techniques that crackers/hackers use to crack passwords but the key point here is that most of the people don't know such an important vulnerabilities.

So let's get started to walk around some and learn some Password Security Concepts.

PassNGuard Decrypt Database Window
PassNGuard Decrypt Database Window | Source

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • Why Password(s) Security is one of the most important Online Account(s) Protection Factors?
  • Is it enough to use/select Common Names, Phone Numbers, Addresses and Dates as my Passwords?
  • How can I generate Secure/Unique Passwords?
  • How can I remember/keep/backup all my online passwords?
  • What happens if an attacker/hacker get access to my sensitive account(s), such as Bank Accounts, Credit Cards Data, Emails, Personal Information, Google/Yahoo/Facebook/Twitter and so on?
  • How can you stop attackers from easily guessing your passwords?
  • What recommendations do Cybersecurity Experts suggest to keep safe online?
  • How can I find the most powerful Password Manager?
  • How much money do I need to spend to fully protect my sensitive information?
  • How can I avoid using Duplicate Passwords in my online accounts?
  • Is the technology helpful to fully protect my sensitive data?
  • and much more...

The answers to all of these worries/questions are right there: Do what Cybersecurity Experts Do!

Cybersecurity Experts are more likely to use Professional Safe Password Managers such as PassNGuard to generate/store/organize highly secure passwords that are very difficult to crack or guess.

Some of the experts are explicitly saying that "The powerful Password Managers change the whole calculus because they make it possible to have both Strong and Unique Passwords".

Therefore, using Password Management Solutions are the very effective way for storing passwords. That's why software developers have built such a powerful software in response to the growing needs of people (Experts and Non-Experts)

NOTE: The more passwords you have to remember, There is a greater risk you will forget some of them. However, using the same password for multiple sites increases the risk of theft. Therefore how can you avoid forgetting passwords? YES, Password Management Solution Softwares such as PassNGuard.

Cybersecurity Experts SAFETY TIPS:

  • The best data security practice is not to let anyone but yourself generate your most important passwords. So, use PassNGuard to generate passwords for your Wi-Fi encryption or extra Gmail/Yahoo/Outlook/Facebook/Twitter accounts.
  • Never use any Online Service to generate passwords for highly sensitive things, such as Online Banking, Personal info, and Assets online.
  • Never write down your password. And don't keep it on a sticky note under your keyboard!
  • Never store your passwords within VPS (Virtual Private Servers) or Dedicated-Servers or even Backup-Spaces such as FTPs. (Highly Important)
  • Create separate passwords for each site you visit (Important)
  • Periodically update your passwords. The more valuable the information you are protecting, the more frequently you should change your password.
  • Don't share your passwords, and always make sure you log out of your accounts when accessing them from other people's devices.
  • If it's difficult to remember your password(s), consider using a password manager, such as PassNGuard.
  • Change Passwords Often (Not very effective)
  • Never use Chrome/Firefox/IE (Edge/Spartan) to store your passwords. This is why most of the people lost his/her accounts because getting passwords from them is as easy as eating an apple!

Using these tips, you can help prevent attacks and keep your information safe Online/Offline.

Characteristics of Strong Passwords:

  • At least 9 characters long (Some security experts declared 6 chars long! but It's wrong. Todays the software programmers can make software based on GPU Processors which are hundreds of times faster than CPUs)
  • The use of both lower case and upper case letters, a digit and a special symbol such as #/!@~$%^<>_,&*.=()+?
  • Never use names, words, phone numbers or addresses (Important)
  • Misspelled words are highly recommended because they are not inside attacker's dictionary.
  • Any combination of words/letters with unusual capitalization, digits, and special symbols such as GiGatR00n, W0rLd0fYeARe2017, LASeR_t9 and so on.
  • Prohibition of use of Company Name or an Abbreviation.
  • Prohibition of words found in a Password Blacklist such as qwer1234, wasd, abc123ABC, 123qweasd and so on.

Important NOTE:
Password Blacklists: They are lists of passwords that contain words that should no longer be used because of Notoriously Insecure such as easily guessable, following a common pattern or public disclosure of previous data breaches.

Time of Changing Passphrases:

Basically, there is no reason to change your passphrase time to time. But there are a few cases where it's a good precaution, such as:

  • You haven't changed your passwords in more than three/six months.
  • You forget your password to a website, you can either retrieve or reset it.
  • You notice something suspicious on your account(s) or computer(s).
  • You have any weak or duplicate passwords anywhere, definitely change them as soon as possible.
  • You suspect it's been compromised. Maybe someone you don't trust has your password!
  • You discovered something suspicious in your online account(s) such as Facebook/Twitter/Emails and so on.
  • You have recently eliminated some virus/malware from your computer.
  • You have recently used your passwords in a Public network such as CoffeeShop, Airport and so on. (Highly Important)

What exactly is a Password Manager?

Here is the main question What exactly is a Password Manager?

A Password Manager such as PassNGuard is actually a Professional Safe Password Generator/Keeper/Organizer tool which is used to generate highly secure passwords that are very difficult to crack or guess. It should capable of generating huge amounts of Cryptographically-Secure Passwords, Classical Passwords, Pronounceable Passwords, Pattern-Based Passwords, and Passphrases consisting of words from word lists. It should use a Military-Grade Encryption Algorithm ( such as Rijndael 256-bits) to protect the Passphrases Database which is used by the US Department of Defense.

Any password manager should handle Confidential Data such as Website/Email passwords, Credit/Debit Card PIN numbers, Banking Account Codes, Software Access Licenses and even Cloud Account passwords.

Many people use the same password for multiple accounts/sites because it is hard to remember/select many passwords And also they select a simple, easy-to-remember password, such as their Birthday or Identity Card Number, Therefore attackers can easily guess your password(s) and access your account(s).

All you have to remember is the Master Passphrase for the Password Manager itself. It is used to decrypt Passphrases database. Therefore by using a good Password Manager, you can rest assured that your accounts are fully protected.

A few Password Managers has built-in Password Generator but the key point is that the generated passwords will be weak/guessable if the password manager uses a weak random number generator instead of a cryptographically secure one. The software PassNGuard has innovative algorithm to ensure that all generated passwords are made using latest cryptography standards.

There are different types of Password Management Solutions:

  • Desktop Programs (STRONG - Installed on a Personal Computer that fits on or under a desk)
  • Portable Programs (STRONG - Installed on a USB drive that can be carried easily)
  • Web-based Programs (WEAK - No need to be installed. It runs inside the user's browser with some possible flaws)
  • Cloud-based Programs (MEDIUM - No need to be installed. They can be accessed/stored over the Internet instead of your PC's hard drive)

All of these softwares are working the same purpose, but the only difference is the way of using them.

PassNGuard Main Window
PassNGuard Main Window | Source

Key Features:

Personally, I have used password manager softwares to a great extent in the past and now recommend you use PassNGuard which has many Unique and Innovative features, such as:

  • PassNGuardis 100% Free for both <Personal> or <Commercial> purposes.
  • Military-Grade Encryption Algorithm (AES Rijndael 256-bits) to protect the Passphrases Database.
  • Full Unicode support.
  • Stunning and Unique look and design with incredible functionality.
  • No Installation Needed (Fully Portable Support)
  • No Need administrator rights. Allows running as a Normal/Limited User.
  • Generation of huge amounts of passphrases at once.
  • Generation of Passphrases consisting of words from word lists.
  • Pronounceable Passwords (Perfect Solution to keep Passphrases in mind)
  • Pattern-based Passwords Generation (Endless Possibilities to Customize Passphrases to the user's needs)
  • On-demand Special Symbols included into a password (~,!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), comma, dot, =, +, <, >)
  • User's Master Passphrase which allows encrypting/decrypting the whole database.
  • Powerful In-Memory Passwords Protection:
  1. The usernames and passwords are fully encrypted while the program is running in the background/foreground.
  2. Visual Decryptor Engine (Protects all Decrypted Database Records from being read on memory)
  3. On-demand Database Encryption (Only the specific parts of database records that are being shown will be decrypted, but other parts stay encrypted)
  • Unique and Innovative Screen-Capture Protection (Avoids Malicious Softwares from capturing Screenshots or Videos from PassNGuard windows while the user are typing his/her Master-Passwords)
  • Scrambled Keypad or Anti-Keyloggers (the characters on the keypad pick a new, random position every time you click any one of them)
  • Multi-Database system with elegance and ease! (an integrated data system composed of a collection of 2 or more autonomous databases)
  • Easy-to-Transfer Database (a fully encrypted Passphrase Database "*.pgdb" which can be moved easily. This makes it: Faster to access, more reliable and usable offline)
  • Clipboard Monitoring Engine to avoids leaking sensitive info, such as in-memory stored usernames and passphrases.
  • Unique Seed Creator Algorithm for each generated password.
  • Auto-Backup Database feature on adding/closing/modifying each database record.
  • Advanced Search Function Feature to seeking database records according to the user's needs.
  • Allows Unlimited Number of Entries to be stored in the database.
  • and much more.

PassNGuard Random Passphrase Generator (Pattern-Tab)
PassNGuard Random Passphrase Generator (Pattern-Tab) | Source
Softpedia Editor's Pick
Softpedia Editor's Pick | Source


On February 10, 2017, The Softpedia extensively reviewed PassNGuard and gave it Five-Star Rating, describing it as "Reliable credentials manager with password generating abilities" and also explicitly stated that "Trying to capture a Screenshot or Video of the tool in action renders its window Entirely Black, so no Attacker is able to view its contents at any time. Thus, you are protected against both Key-loggers and Screen-Recording Tools".

You can read what Softpedia's Reviewers have written about PassNGuard:
Vlad Constantinescu (February 10, 2017). "Softpedia Editor's Review" Editor's Pick Editor's Pick | Source

On February 22, 2017, The reviewed PassNGuard and explicitly stated that "The measure was useful in preventing keyloggers from attempting to snatch the passphrase. The program also prevented screen recording. When we tried to record a video or take a screenshot of the program, the results were black".

You can read what FreewareFile's Reviewers have written about PassNGuard: (February 22, 2017). " Editor's Review" Editor's Pick Editor's Pick | Source

On February 19, 2017, The reviewed PassNGuard and describing it as "PassNGuard is a swiss army knife for passwords which can generate super strong passwords and store all of your passwords encrypted in one place".

You can read what Afterdawn's Reviewers have written about PassNGuard: (February 15, 2017). " Editor's Review"

5 stars for PassNGuard

Final Words:

Having a unique, secure, strong password for each of your online accounts is critically important because If an attacker/hacker gets access to just one password, they more likely can begin to access your all other accounts. That's why it's so important to have a unique, secure and strong password for your accounts.

PassNGuard Random Passphrase Generator (Normal-Tab)
PassNGuard Random Passphrase Generator (Normal-Tab) | Source

© 2017 Harris Stone


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