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UnMask Blocked Callers Calls

Updated on December 6, 2012

UnBlock Calls

There have been more calls coming to my cell phone with "Blocked Caller" as the phone number.  Do you answer?  If you do answer calls from "blocked callers" it is usually a telemarketer.  However there is a new way to unmask those blocked phone numbers before you pick up the call.  UnMasking those blocked callers is simple and free. 

How To View Blocked Phone Numbers

How to View Blocked Phone Numbers

  • Go to and sign up for their beta "Unmask blocked calls" service
  • Select the "fly trap" service.  It's free
  • Continue with the sign up instructions
  • Enter your cell phone number, Mobile carrier, time zone and email when instructed.
  • Each cell phone carrier has different instructions.  Be sure to follow your carrier's instructions.
  • After you have followed the above instructions, will send a message to your cell phone with information to be entered into your online account. 

Now that the service has been setup, here is how to use it.  When a blocked call comes up on your phone -- decline or end the call (without taking the call).  The declined call is then re-routing to  The number is unblocked and forward back to your cell phone.  You can now see who is calling.  You can either answer the call or let it go to voice mail.

So the next time your ex boyfriend or girlfriend calls using a blocked number, you will know who it is before you pick up the call (if you pick up the call).  And it is great for stop the telemarketers too. 


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    • profile image

      mina 4 years ago

      I use, that also it's FREE

    • profile image

      Juliette 6 years ago

      It supposed to be free!!!! why do you charge for the service now??? It wasn't like that before!!!

    • profile image

      diamond 7 years ago

      it is not free at all... why do they a credit card... some people do not have a credit card...

    • profile image

      gina 7 years ago

      Nop! It requires a credit card #! Then remember to cancel before 30 days! Or else I get charged!

    • profile image

      lorenzo 7 years ago

      its no longer free!!!!!!!!!!!!