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Start Your Own Radio Station With Blogtalkradio

Updated on March 2, 2015

The Basics

Blogtalkradio has a high Alexa rating in the US at 784, and in the world 3,174. On their site, they boast of having 30 million listens each month, with 1,800 shows created each day, and they have over 15,000 hosts. So, we can see this is a happening place on the web. There are many reasons why they have achieved so much popularity.

The reasons are because this platform allows for unbiased news and views to be given by the common citizen journalist. This is a great alternative to the mainstream media sources which are controlled and biased to the powers to be. There are shows there on just about any topic and the people who have been interviewed by some of the hosts include the highest profile people in the world.

The site itself is quality and easy to navigate, although I will say that it sometimes is hard to load on my computer and the ads are getting somewhat invasive. Yet, overall the site is a great quality place to be and find a show which is to your taste.

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How it Works

I started listening to some Blogtalkradio shows a few years ago when I found Omegamanradio. Now I listen to three shows regularly, these being Voice of Evangelism, Omegamanradio, and The Hagmann and Hagmann Report. It has really been a blessing to listen to these shows and I have gained a lot of valuable information from them.

Some of the features that make this platform great include the listeners being able to call in and talk to the host live. Also, the listeners can also call a phone number and listen to the show this way if they don't have Internet access. There is also a chatroom underneath the show itself on-line where listeners can chat live.

There is a free hosting service anyone can have that allows for a half an hour show daily if want. There are specific times that aren't accessible to the free show's scheduling. If a hosts wants to upgrade to their paid services they begin to get more options and features to make their show better. There are a few different upgrade options, they give more time on air, more callers being able to call in, exposure on the site, and other features that make hosting that much better.

Every host has their own dashboard and studio area where they can see how their show is doing and who is calling in when live. The stats for the free service are minimal, but when upgrade there are more detailed reports of stats. Overall the way they have it set up is fun and enjoyable to use.

Harold Dog is A Lowdown Listener
Harold Dog is A Lowdown Listener

My Experience

I have had a free half an hour show on Blogtalkradio for a couple years now. After 13 episodes completed randomly throughout this time, I'm now back there embracing the platform in a more appreciative way. My weekly show there is called Lowdown, and it's about my faith in Jesus Christ and my experience as a blogger and writer on-line.

After 13 completed episodes I have over a 100 listens, which isn't bad considering when I started I had no social media presence on-line at all. Any listeners is a success to me anyway. It's just been fun to have a place to talk and share my views. My show is largely offbeat about conspiracy and the repression of history in the establishment, this through a Christian perspective. So I know first hand that this is a place to get un-biased news and views. You just have to have your own discernment to tell what is truth and what is a lie. That is what media is supposed to be in the first place.

Lowdown airs every Monday night at 8pm Pacific time for a half an hour. As of yet, it's a very basic show without music and without guest and callers. Although I think I can take callers if I wanted to, sometimes I don't even have anyone listening live anyway. It's like anything else, we learn as we go and improve as we go. I'm excited to start my show up again and use it to add to the blogging and writing efforts that I'm doing now on-line.

My free show is all I need for now. I have put a widget for Blogtalkradio on my blogs, and can include my websites and social sites in my public profile on Blogtalk. The only negative aspect I can see is the ads that run now before my show begins. I think this is because I have the free service. Otherwise this is a great platform that let's me recap the weeks efforts and share what I'm learning about Jesus Christ.


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