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Understanding Ultraviolet

Updated on January 4, 2016

Ultraviolet Code


What is Ultraviolet?

Ultraviolet is a digital platform for movie companies to legally let you redeem digital copies of movies. The actual codes are most commonly found inside of DVD/Blu Ray copies of movies, you will know a movie has the code if it says Digital Copy next to the DVD or Blu Ray title on the top of the movie case.

Where do I redeem a code?

The actual location of redemption can vary, there are many popular sites such as Vudu, Flixter, MGO and many others, all of these are viewing platforms to stream your Ultraviolet Library and are linked directly to the Ultraviolet site

Why should I want Ultraviolet over a physical copy?

If you have kids, or friends or family who tend to be rough with your sensitive discs then you may quickly find that having a digital version that you play on a phone, tablet, pc or television is the best way to keep your physical copies safe.

What is DMA, Itunes, Google Play and Amazon and are they all Ultraviolet?

No, DMA is Disneys digital version of Ultraviolet, even though it shares libraries with viewing platforms like Vudu it is not Ultraviolet. Itunes has its own digital rights media that can only be played through Apples select services. The same goes for Google Play and Amazon, all of these except Disney do not share right over to other platforms, for this reason I would always suggest to use Ultraviolet as much as possible as it shares the most.

What do you mean sharing?

You may redeem a movie, say Home Alone, on the Vudu redemption page, and if you had other viewing services like Flixter or MGO, that are linked to your Ultraviolet Library on, they will share to the platforms as they have permission to read and thus watch your digital library. Disney shares to Vudu, but often does not to other viewing platforms.

Can I buy codes online instead of paying the full price for a physical copy and the code?

Yes, please see my upcoming article "Ultraviolet codes and where to find them". There I will explain further.


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