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Unique Energy Saving Tips

Updated on August 1, 2012

Common energy saving tips have been repeated numerous times on television, the internet, and in print. Many people tune out to their messages due to the repetition of the same suggestions. However, saving energy also means saving money, which can make saving energy even more important to the public. Here are some unique energy saving tips that may surprise you.

White Roof to Save Cooling Costs

One couple struggled in summers in the oppressive heat of their commercial property. The air conditioners could not manage to keep the place comfortable. They tried a radical solution when the time came to replace the roof of the property. They had a white roof installed.

The white roof saves cooling costs during the summer months. A black roof can reach 130 degrees according to the representative of the roofing company that installed the white roof for energy savings. The white roof cuts energy cost, because it reflects the heat from the sunlight and therefore, the interior of the building is not exposed to temperatures as high as it is with a black roof.

Cold Water for Washing Clothes

Commercial detergents tend to work just as well in cold or warm water than hot water. By using cold water, the person saves money on the electric or gas that powers the hot water heater. A related energy saver is having the hot water heater located close to the bathroom. Some energy resources estimate that heating water accounts for 30% of the household energy use. By having the water heater close to the bathroom, less heat is lost through the pipes while the water travels to the bathroom or kitchen.

Tinting Home Windows

Windows can be considered a weak spot for energy conservation. Though most people think of energy lost by way of heated or cooled air escaping the home, the infrared radiation from sunlight entering the home is another way that windows are detrimental to energy bills. Window tinting kits are said to save homeowners as much as 30% of the utility bills.

A window tint film kit is used to apply a tinted film to the outside of home windows. The tinted home windows also drastically reduce the ultraviolet light that causes fading of carpets and furniture. Many people prefer the use of window tinting over curtains because the curtains darken the home.

Use a Front-Load Washer

Though front-load washers cost more than top-load washers, the front-load variety will save the consumer money in the end. These washers require less water usage. The energy-star front-load washers are designed to minimize water and energy use. The efficiency of front-load washers can cause a decrease in water and energy bills.

Know Which Appliances to Unplug

Many household appliances continue to use electricity while plugged in even if the appliances are off. This wasted electricity is sometimes referred to as phantom energy use. Many people grimace at the thought of constantly plugging in devices and unplugging them after use. It is a myth that all household appliances use energy while not being used if they are plugged in. The household appliances that have phantom energy use either have a remote control, memory chip, or digital clock. Items like toasters or curling irons do not use energy when not in use. Examples of household appliances that should be unplugged when not being used include microwaves, televisions, VCRs, coffeemakers, and computers.

The unique energy saving tips can mean more dollars in the household savings account. Feel free to share any good saving energy tips that you may have in the comments section.


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    • Solitarytripper profile image

      Solitarytripper 5 years ago

      Its all good to know about,thanks for the info.

    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 5 years ago from San Francisco

      These truly were interesting. Thank you