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Unique Looking USB Flash Drives

Updated on February 10, 2015

Cool and Different USB Drives

I was sick and tired of the same old looking USB drives. I wanted to gift my nephew a USB drive since he was planning on getting one, but I wanted to gift him something which looked different. I thought of getting something unique online and I was as usual amazed at the varieties of different and unique looking gadgets you can get.

These USB flash drives make a great gift for people who like all their stuff to be a cut above the rest.

Hope you enjoy the list!

The Bottle Opening USB Flash Drive

Is it a bottle opener? Is it a USB flash drive? Actually, it's both! The 8 GB bottle opening USB flash drive is bootable, pre-formatted and ready for immediate use without a driver. It's compatible with most Operating Systems.

The Hamburger USB Drive

The 2 GB Hamburger USB Drive is a cute little gadget which works with almost any OS.

It promises around 10 years of retaining data with 1,000,000 times storage.

A suitable USB drive for any junk food lover!

The Watch USB Drive

This 4 GB USB Flash Drive looks like a regular watch but the face is actually hiding a cool USB drive within.

If you keep losing your USB drives, then why not go for this one? You can wear it around and transfer all the files that you need in a jiffy too!

Compatible with modern PCs and Mac!

The Tiniest USB Drive Ever!

The bestselling Super Talent Pico-C 8 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive STU8GPCS is the tiniest USB flash drive ever possible.

It has an 8 GB capacity and its size is so small that you can carry it around in your key chain. Makes this flash drive easy to carry around plus hard to lose!

The Lighter USB Flash Drive

Who would have thought that electronic items plus fire would call it truce one day? This lighter is actually a USB flash drive with 8 GB capacity.

The lighter is refillable and the USB drive is compatible with most OS. With the help of a small slider lever, the drive slides out from the bottom of the chrome case.

The Doughnuts USB Drive

I can't help feel hungry when I look at this flash drive. It looks so delicious!

The Doughnuts USB Drive comes with a 2 GB capacity. It is also compatible with most modern PCs plus Mac.

Be sure to keep away from children who have a sweet tooth!

The Rugby Football USB Drive

The rugby football USB drive is the one which I am going to gift my nephew. It's not the best of the lot, but I am sure he would love it considering the sporty person he is. Plus he likes his items to look different.

This USB flash drive comes with a 2GB capacity.


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