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University student – Why I love the Kindle 3G! - Kindle 3G Review - Amazon Kindle

Updated on May 12, 2015

University student – Why I love the Kindle 3G!

I am currently in my first year studying a degree in Biology and find that I constantly need to print off notes and lecture material for various lectures, seminars and tutorials. This in my experience can be a little bit expensive and sometimes inconvenient to constantly print off tons of notes. For each individual module you will have many different presentations to learn and having them on the kindle for your lectures will save you plenty of money over the year in paper. The notes can always be accessed over the internet with any laptop or internet device but having them on the Kindle 3G allows me to carry them around with me everywhere without all the paper and weight of a laptop. All I need with me is my Kindle 3G for all my lectures notes and because if I forgot to print of the notes I can download and access new notes that are available on the internet through the University’s Wifi.
On the Kindle 3G you can also make notes with the QWERTY pad that is at the bottom of the Kindle 3G. Personally I can type much faster than I can write, making it much easier to make notes on lecture material with my Kindle 3G. During lectures the lecturer will not have time to stop and explain things and will just get on with the lecture therefore you have to take down as many notes as possible during that hour or two of the lecture. Having the Kindle3G lets me take down notes much more quickly than if I had a pen and paper.
I used to take a small laptop everywhere with me, to my lectures, to the library, absolutely everywhere but now I got the Kindle 3G it’s all I need. The Kindle 3G can easily access the internet at the University that I currently attend, that has Wifi all over the campus and within my accommodation. The size and weight of the Kindle 3G is almost paper-like compared to a laptop and the battery life of the Kindle is amazing! This is due to the technology within the kindle, for example you can keep the wireless on and it will keep running for 10 days after a full charge or one month with wireless off! Not only doesn’t the kindle save me money on paper but also on the electricity.
During tutorials there are times where the Kindle 3G has literally saved me. I was asked to create a presentation to discuss as the end of the tutorial to the whole class. Some of the information I couldn’t really remember and none of my classmates did either. I would quickly connect to the Wifi and search the internet for the information I needed with Kindle 3G. The amazing thing about this little device is that it’s fast and I made a full presentation by the end of the tutorial that I was proud of.
Reasons why I absolutely love the Kindle 3G is that it saves me money in paper, electricity, I have all my notes in one little hand held device and the fact that it has internet on it makes it amazing!
Besides using it for University I use the Kindle to read books in my spare time and thoroughly enjoy it. The Books will always remain on the Kindle and are easily accessible to open up to read, whether I’m on the bus or waiting for the bus. The motility of the Kindle 3G allows you to have thousands of books, notes, internet in the palm of your hand!
For a student the Kindle 3G is very cheap compared to all the other gadgets out there and is probably one of the best gadgets you can buy.

The positives to the Kindle 3G are:
-The price: it’s so cheap it’s unreal!
-Battery Life
-Storage: Of notes, books
-3G Capability: Internet

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    • Michael Domingos profile image

      Michael Domingos 6 years ago

      I should have included that in the article, thanks for adding that comment. I just think the Kindle is very useful, not a necessity but if you can buy one I would recommend it.

    • myi4u profile image

      myi4u 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      It's really a good device for students as well as book lovers. And it's light too. I have only just found out that the 3G service is actually free and can be used in over 100 countries. That's a really good tool at a reasonable price!