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Unsubscribe My New Best Friend

Updated on April 24, 2013

Chances are if you have over 100 unread messages in your inbox most of them are from some subscription or other. When I first decided that it was time to clean out my inbox the first things to go were those pesky subscription emails.

You have to look at it as junk mail, you can mark them as spam or send them to an other folder somewhere else in your mailbox but they will just continue to build up over time. When ever I sign up for a new service like an app the first thing to check before giving my email is to see if they will be offering me the option to unsubscribe if I decide somewhere down the road that I don't want to get their emails anymore.

An other option is to set up a new email address that is completely unrelated to your personal email that you use all the time and just have all those subscriptions rerouted, but then why not just unsubscribe all together? This is why unsubscribe became my best friend. I was getting close to 50 emails a day that I would either quickly skim or just send straight to trash without ever opening them, so I have started looking for unsubscribe buttons on any email that I don't think really needs to be coming in. Over the past week I have cut down significantly the number of emails that come in.

How Many Subscriptions Are You On?

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If you are afraid of unsubscribing because of that fear that you might miss out on something big and important then you can look into the options of changing what emails you want to receive from all these different subscriptions. Personally I opted out of all daily and weekly summaries, I only want to see what is really relevant I don't need to be filled in on what I've been up to this week on pintrest, I did it I think I know what I posted but if someone likes or reposts something I posted that I want to know.

You don't have to see it as all or nothing, there is a grey area that you can stay in. Just be careful because its a slippery slope back into the hundreds of unnecessary emails that will bombard your inbox daily. Think carefully before you opt into receiving emails from different services and sites.

What have you been doing to tackle the problem of too many emails coming in daily? Have you been able to get your inbox down to zero?


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