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Unusual Surveillance for Home Security

Updated on June 27, 2011

Home Alarm

In this article I thought it would be humorous to review the different home security methods that are available since I knew there would be some funny ones.

The STI ED-50 Rex Plus electronic Watchdog comes with two different warning sounds; you can choose between warning siren or intimidating bark from a protective German Shepard. It works by placing the sensor anywhere indoors where you want to detect movement, for example, hidden behind the front door.

Photo courtesy of rachelicha

Dummy Spy Camera

Why buy the expensive spy camera when you can opt for the equally effective dummy version? Intruders will have no way of telling that the CCTV camera is a fake since the SVAT ISC200 is recycled from the latest genuine security cameras. There is a wide range of surveillance camera's for sale on Amazon including the ip camera, VideoSecu and security camera dome.

The black dome CCTV is a common site in supermarkets these days and is the perfect spy because it is so inconspicuous and simple.

Security at Home

Other security at home includes the FakeTV device which works by imitating the light of a real HDTV, the LEDs fill the room with thousands of possible colour shades. To the potential burglar, the FakeTV will appear from behind closed curtains as though somebody is actually home watching TV and the majority of burglars will avoid breaking into a house that is occupied since there is greater chance of being caught.

On Amazon you will also find devices such as the GE 50462 random vacation timer, this will activate appliances to save electricity while you are away.

Wireless Security

The GE 45233 wireless camera is perfect for indoor/outdoor security and transmits video and audio from up to 200ft. It includes night vision for dim lighted situations, ideal if you want to monitor hallways, garden paths and conservatories, you can also purchase the portable monitor along with camera as a package on Amazon. Disguise this camera and now you can work at one end of your house and feel assured the rest of your home is protected!


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    • SteveoMc profile image


      7 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      You are right, there are some humorous ones here. I can just imagine waking in the middle of the night with the dog barking and the tv on. LOL I guess the cat is roaming the house again.


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