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Updated Bluehost cPanel Theme

Updated on March 9, 2013
Login Page Bluehost
Login Page Bluehost | Source

As one of the top web hosting company in the world Bluehost has now updated there cPanel theme. Yes, it has been for years that the hosting company updated it and now 2013 we can all feel the newly updated theme.

Bluehost Old Theme
Bluehost Old Theme | Source

Old Theme

Before Bluehost cPanel was just an average themed website, the Logo was on the header part with a background of dark blue and the navigation was on a tabs. Layout was simple with gray background heading and a drop down icon on the right side for each options. And the hosting details was on the left side. It was just pretty simple and user friendly theme.

Now let us check on the New Theme.

New Theme

First thing I can say is Windows 8 Look a like. Actually layout is just the same, header, navigation, left hosting details and the options on the right side.

New Version of Bluehost Theme
New Version of Bluehost Theme | Source
Bluehost Domains
Bluehost Domains

The major update were:

1. The Main Theme - theme is very Windows 8, dark blue squared, gray and white background with green active and hover navigation

2. Navigation - now they have two navigations; Main and Sub navigation (which consist of options for each main nav)

3. Much more Organize Options & Tools - As you navigate around the options, you can see the organize options and the much better look of it. For Domains option sub options can be seen just below it, and these can be access through it with pretty cool icons.

Now we have it, really cool right? I wonder if they have new features, did not totally check out every options on cPanel but I will surely update everyone once I seen or use some. For now join me and explore with it, and let see if Bluehost will release new features and updates.


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