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The Updated Ubuntu 12.04 Release Scedule

Updated on October 14, 2011

As you've probably heard, Ubuntu 12.04 will be named Precise Pangloin, and will be released in April. This will be a LTS release, which means that security updates and packages will be maintained for the next 3 years for the desktop version and 5 on the Server version after the final release. Although the following dates are subject to change, these will give you a good idea as to when each version of Ubuntu 12.04 will be released.

Release Dates

Here's a quick round-up of the Ubuntu 12.04 release dates:

  • Alpha 1 : December 1st, 2011
  • Alpha 2 : February 2nd, 2012
  • Beta 1 : March 1st, 2012
  • Beta 2 : March 29nd, 2012
  • Release Candidate : April 19th, 2012
  • Ubuntu 12.04 Final Release : April 26th, 2012

* - My little blog.

Alpha releases

The unstable of the unstables. Although you can grab an earlier version of Ubuntu before the betas, the alpha releases are very buggy. In fact, I wouldn't recommend these even be run on a multi-boot system. Since Precise Pangloin doesn't include as much new code which tends to come with bleeding edge features as seen in Oneiric, the alpha versions come out for a briefer time. The two alphas are released on December 1st 2011 and February 2nd 2012.

Beta and RC releases

Naturally, these are more stable than the alpha versions. Because this release of Ubuntu is an LTS version, the beta testing period is longer so the developers have more time to iron out even more bugs than usual. This process is made easier by the fact that less code is added to LTS releases, which focuses more on hardware support and stability. The betas will be released March 1st and 29th.

The Release Candidate (or RC for short) is essentially identical to the final release, with the addition of bugs. No new features are added during this time and the release; only bugs and security vulnerabilities are fixed. The release candidate will be launched on April 19th.

Personally, I'll be looking forward to Precise Pangloin. Oneiric is a great release with it's new appearance and performance improvements, but there's little doubt that it's one of the buggiest releases of Ubuntu so far. I want an operating system that is free, snappy and stable. By the looks of it, the Pangloin will have it all. As the release schedule changes, I'll be updating this post, so stay tuned!


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    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      I am looking forward to the release of the 12.04 Ubuntu. I have been a Ubuntu user from 9.04 and it keeps getting better with age. I don't run windows on either my laptop or my pc and now have my wife using Ubuntu on her laptop. The only reason we have one pc on windows is because of the wifes number of windows games that we bought when I did not know about the Linux OS. I tell everyone I know about Ubuntu and all about the other Linux OS in hopes they will get to love Linux as much as I have. Not being much for games except for the now and then game of solitaire I don't care if I can't just load windows games stright into a Linux computer. Ubuntu offers me just what I am looking for in home computing and more besides. I just hope in the final version of 12.04 they will get it to fit on a cd instead of a dvd disc. Both my laptop and pc do not have dvd burning as they are old reworked versions of xp and I have not got that feature. I would like to be able to burn it to a disc for keeping.

      A Ubuntu fan for ever.