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Updating ESET products offline and creating a backup database

Updated on May 7, 2010

So What is it about

Eset's product (Eset NOD32 antivirus and ESET SMART SECURITY) is one of the best faster antivirus.But the main problem that its user found is

  • The update is not available for those who are not connected to internet (offline update)
  • The backup of update is not possible.Which means that if one reinstall Eset he have to download the whole database again.This is a great problem for slow internet connection users

What are we going to do

We will use nod32view tool for this purpose.There may be other software using this tool ensure that you can download update from the official server of ESET.Using software which use unofficial server is not recommended.[Often dangerous too!! :-) ]

Download the Nod32view from here

This tool(nod32view) gives u information about update of NOD32(ESS also) on different servers and allow to download update mirrors.It also can download update mirror of some supporting antivirus,spyware system.

The process goes like this

1.Now run the exe file and extract or install the program to a directory,suppose D:\NOD32view

2.Uncheck all other update module if you want to use only eset update and press next.

3.Finish extracting.If you want to update from another computer copy these files to your portable device.Then follow the steps.

4.After launching the program ,the program will automatically search for eset update servers.
choose yes to confirm the changes.

Now The following screen appears. The left panel represents server name and the right side display the server file information.

5.Now choose for which version you want to download the update, either NOD V2 Or V4 from the top left panel.

6.Then place your user id and password in the userid and password field and then test whether the user id and password is valid just as shown below.To test the id/pass use the proper version from drop down menu.

(This step is a must,you cannot update if you are not test them,click the image to a have closer look)

There will be a prompt whether you want to save the password to list for future update,choose as you wish.

Now double click on any server to retrieve the update information.If any update available you can saw this window.

If you are updating for first time it will be all green inn right side.

Now right click on the server and choose update mirror.The updating will be start.

After download v4 update will be in D:\nod32view\est_upd folder and V2 update will be in D:\nod32view\nod_upd folder. (Remember we have started with D:\NOD32)

Now it's time to update your NOD32/ESS

It is a quite simple process..

Open nod32/ESS window by double clicking on tray icon,Hit F5.Click on update on left side pan the edit server on right hand side,

put the folder path there.For v4 put D:\nod32view\est_upd , for V2 put D:\nod32view\nod_upd.

Then update your antivirus.

This process is quite useful who doesn't have an internet connection or slower connection.You can use this update files to update another NOD32 client.

That's all.This is my first entry to hub page.Hope you will like it.Thanks.


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    • Web-E profile image

      Web-E 6 years ago from Kolkata

      Yes. You can download update in any computer. Put it in a portable and update another system

    • profile image

      miftah 6 years ago

      Hi, can I use this tool if I not use ESET ?

    • mabmiles profile image

      mabmiles 6 years ago

      Thanks for this hub Web-E.

    • Web-E profile image

      Web-E 7 years ago from Kolkata

    • Web-E profile image

      Web-E 7 years ago from Kolkata

      this tool can serve that purpose need add the path of ESET's folder in custom server list of nod32view.ok I will write a tutorial on that topic tommrow. Thanks for the comment

    • profile image

      Rushella 7 years ago

      Thx for tutorial. But is there any update generator for ESS/EAV v4.x like NOD32 v7x (n32upgen.exe)?